The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman [Universal Consciousness]:

The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

Information about the metaphysical writing of Sutapas Bhattacharya, the man who identified the physical correlate of the Divine Light (a.k.a. Universal Consciousness/Pure Consciousness/Godhead/atman, Buddha Nature, Holy Spirit, Stream of Consciousness, Inner Light, Christ Consciousness etc.) with the brainwaves of the Reticular Activating System, undermining both the Physicalist metaphysics of Science (which imagines Consciousness to be a late product of material evolution), and the Theistic mythology of Religions (which imagine a man-like God set apart from Nature). His work on Science and Spirituality Synthesis also resolves definitively the central problems of both Eastern and Western Philosophy.

Keywords:  Consciousness; Altered States of Consciousness; Universal Consciousness; Quantum Consciouness; Cosmic Consciousness; Science of Mind; Science and Spirituality; Enlightenment; Nondualism; Science and Religion; Mysticism; Eastern Philosophy; Vedanta; Buddhism; Perennial Philosophy; Science of Consciousness ; Advaita; Yoga

Some comments about The Oneness/Otherness Mystery

Your outline seems to show that you have found the solutions to many of humanity’s deepest philosophical problems and I shall look forward eagerly to reading your book.
Professor Arthur Ellison DSc(Eng)
Ex-Head of Electrical Engineering, City University, London;
VP Scientific and Medical Network,
Ex-President, Society for Psychical Research
I was pleasingly struck first by the way you “saw through” the muddled or otherwise seriously inadequate thinking of various much-publicised writings – for instance, those by Hawking, Wilber, Capra, Jung, and even Einstein.
Professor J.H.M. Whiteman
(Taught Relativity and Quantum Theories, had contacts with Heisenberg and Dirac, attained mystical union & was Sanskrit-literate).
The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman: The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality (BBAB) is the title of the 2015 book (632pp) by Sutapas Bhattacharya, author of the 1999 book The Oneness/Otherness Mystery: The Synthesis of Science and Mysticism (viewable on Google Books) published by Motilal Banarsidass, India's top scholarly publisher of Philosophy books who co-publish The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies series with Princeton U.P.
BBAB was published by Gyan Books, a major Indian scholarly publisher committed to exporting Indian knowledge worldwide:

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In 1994 Sutapas Bhattacharya identified the direct physical correlate of the Divine Light (a.k.a. The Godhead, The Pure Consciousness (cit), Atman, Holy Spirit, Buddha Nature, al haqq (The Reality), Sofia (The Cosmic Light of Wisdom), The Inner Light of Christ, The Light of Conscience, etc.) with the brainwaves generated by rhythmic firing of the brainstem nucleus called the Reticular Formation. This continuous activity is known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS has been known since 1949 to underlie all EEG 'brainwave' activity and is known to all Medical doctors due to its cessation constituting braindeath.

At a stroke this amazing discovery undermines the Physicalist ontology underlying Western Science which imagines Consciousness to be an "emergent" phenomenon arising out of the complex interactions of insentient energy/matter. In fact, the notion of "emergence" used by supposedly 'rational' Western Physicalist and Materialist scientists and philosophers is a disguised appeal to Magic (a magical creation ex nihilo of Consciousness).

Simultaneously this undermines the Theistic mythology underlying all Theistic religions (including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Theistic forms of Hinduism including Theistic (or Dualist) Vedanta) which imagine that 'God' (or the Divine) is totally distinct from Nature and that humans cannot attain Mystical Union with the Divine Spirit.

This is 'taboo knowledge' that mainstream institutions in the West including Academia, the Scientific Establishment, Organized Religions and both the right-wing (usually Judaeo-Christian and tacitly racist) and left-wing (usually Atheist-Marxian but also prejudiced in its own way#) Western media suppress** so as to defend their own mythologies and the reputations of supposedly 'great' thinkers. It also reflects the institutionally racist (tacitly White Supremacist) false ideology promoted by Western History & Philosophy of Science alongside Western academia's false, racist conflation of 'European' with 'Scientific' (see Western Academic Racism page). It is also suppressed by Western New Agers, many of whom pander to this institutional racism in Western society by suppressing the Indian origins of most of the techniques and ideas which they peddle. New Agers try to suppress this true Science-Mysticism integration (based on the Authority of Evidence) as it undermines their own naive, pseudoscientific New Age myths (such as the 'Evolution of Consciousness' myths which misrepresent Enlightenment as some sort of human evolution) and, of course, it undermines their own reputations.

Indeed, I have even found that Hindu organizations which claim publicly to advance the 'Vedantic paradigm' against the Mechanistic Materialism of Western* Science are afraid of my work and try to pretend that it does not exist. This is presumably because they cling dogmatically to outdated Vedantic superstitions such as the existence of a permanent soul and its supposed transmigration. Such myths are also undermined by my work.

# Quite a few of the celebrity-scientists and academic philosophers whose ideas are debunked and ridiculed in my work, such as Richard Dawkins and Daniel C. Dennett, are idolized by the left-wing British newspapers such as The Guardian.  In his 2013 film The Pervert's Guide to Ideology, Leftist cult hero Slavoj Zizek based his arguments on so-called 'Psychoanalytic Theory' with repeated references to fictional entities such as the 'superego'! It is as if Zizek has lived in a coma for the last three decades and has failed to realise that the Kabbalistic pseudoscience of Psychoanalysis has been totally debunked by real Science (see my 'Undermining the Walls of the Ivory Towers of White Mythology' on the Invading the Sacred  website:  for a plethora of facts debunking the fraudulent Sigmund Freud). Zizek's film also ends with a pro-Christian slant based on his totally superficial 'Psychoanalytic' misunderstanding of the true mystical meanings of terms such as 'Son of God' and 'Resurrection' etc.

** I had paid Media Ant advertising agency in Bangalore to place the advert in the May 2015 issue of Science Reporter (a magazine published by an Indian government agency NISCAIR - National Institute for Science Communication and Information Resources -  and edited by a Hasan Jawaid Khan). However, the advert was not printed and no reason has been given by the magazine either to myself or to Media Ant as to why they did not print it. It appears as if this is another case of censorship by those frightened by the implications of my work. In 2000, the editor of the UK magazine New Scientist tried to block a quarter page advert for my O/OM claiming that it had nothing to do with Science. He back-tracked immediately when I threatened legal action. A few weeks later New Scientist had a cover image of a human head exuding 'Divine Light' - however the article (as with an earlier cover story in the US magazine Newsweek, written by Sharon Begley, using essentially the same cover image) publicized the Reductionist so-called 'Neurotheology' of the likes of Andrew Newberg and James Austin (US Buddhophile medics who have tried to reduce Buddhist Phenomenological knowledge of Consciousness to their Materialist preconceptions). As I show in BBAB, it is quite common to find Westerners claiming to be advocates of Buddhism but, in the next breath, they refuse to take Eastern Buddhist metaphysics seriously and reduce it to Materialist caricatures palatable for a Western audience. Sharon Begley (who has co-authored a book with Buddhophile medic Jeffrey Schwartz) was excited by my communication about her story and asked for a copy of O/OM.

*In regard to the use of the term 'Western' it should be clarified that subsets of Western culture are not as bigoted as the dominant, mainstream Anglo-American culture.The Rhineland Mystical Tradition has led to an open-minded attitude towards Mysticism and Indian Philosophy among many Germans including many famous scientists and philosophers of Germanic origin. Their views are cited repeatedly in support of my own ideas in my new book.

A brief discussion of the question "How is Quantum Theory related to Consciousness and to Mysticism" follows section on"The Indian 'Nationalist' background to my books" (and ensuing notes on true historical origins of
Judaism & Christianity).

The Indian 'Nationalist' background to my books

Many a Westerner will recoil from my mentioning the word 'Nationalism' given that I am simultaneously claiming to present the One True Ontology, the universal picture of what really exists that underlies a truly Universal Science (accounting for Consciousness, Spirituality and anomalous phenomena precluded by the pseudo-Universalism of Western Physicalist-Materialist Science). How can a Nationalist viewpoint also be Universal? This seems self-contradictory. But, as discussed in my 1999 book, unlike the 'tribal nationalisms' of modern Europe based on supposed racial and linguistic exclusivism, the Idea of India was based on Inclusivism, the famous Hindu pluralist tradition of Unity in Diversity. Indeed, whereas the British had labelled India's dominant, native spiritual tradition 'Hinduism', the early French visitors to India had called the Indian tradition based on the Vedas 'Tolerationism' and this age-old Indian religious pluralism influenced the development of religious toleration in modern Europe. [This fact contradicts Eurocentric presentations which imagine that Europe taught religious toleration to other civilisations. Similarly, the much-hyped 'literary critic' (posing as a philosopher) H.G. Gadamer misappropriated the phrase 'Unity in Diversity' - which Vincent Smith had coined in relation to the history of Hindu India (and was used by other Indologists and by Nehru) - Gadamer claimed absurdly that 'Unity in Diversity' was something that Europe had developed first and Europe needed to teach this to other civilisations! In 2000 the European Union made 'Unity in Diversity' its motto.]

The countless diverse cults and sects of the Indian Subcontinent (where in some cases each village may worship its own unique deity) constituted the Little Traditions brought together by the unifying umbrella of Brahmanism, the 'Great Tradition', after the Mauryan conquest of the Subcontinent. Even before the rise of Brahmanical Hinduism, the Vedas had recognized that That which exists is One[commonly stated as 'Truth is One'], Though sages call it by various names. The
Brahmanical Philosophy (Vedanta) of the elite Brahmans, especially in its Nondualistic (Advaita) form (in which there is no dualism of the Divine Spirit and Nature as found in Theistic religions) represented the underlying true philosophy (the Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Truth) which the numerous divergent religious cults and sects attempted to describe in symbolic myths. As discussed in my books, it was this notion of the underlying Sanatana Dharma that was expanded by Ramakrishna to include the great World Religions in his notion of the 'Unity of Faiths' or the common mystical truth underlying religious traditions.

Later in the 1940s, whilst a member of the Ramakrishna Mission in California, British writer Aldous Huxley would restate this same essential truth in his
The Perennial Philosophy. Huxley viewed Advaita Vedanta as the nearest example of the underlying Universal Spirituality and he and his associates recognized (as also had physicists such as Erwin Schrodinger - see below) that such Brahmanic Metaphysics was compatible with the New Physics of the 20th Century. In fact, as seen below, both Heisenberg and Schrödinger have testified to the influence of Indian Metaphysics on their invention of the radically New Physics called Quantum Theory in the 1920s.

Tagore and Gandhi did not view India as a 'Nation' like European Nation-States but as a 'Civilisation'. Indian Nationalists aspired to leading the whole world toward a Universal Civilisation inspired by Brahmanic Nondualist metaphysics which reveals that, when one transcends the Self/Other viewpoint of the personalized Ego, in Universal Consciousness (what St Paul referred to metaphorically in Galatians as 'In Christ Jesus' or 'In the Sight of God'), there are no dualities of Self and Other*, everything in the universe is part of the Oneness of the Universal Self or the Universal Consciousness (Brahman). As demonstrated on the Western Academic Racism page of this website, Western pretensions to Universalism, based on Materialist Natural Science, are false due to the tacit Christian, Pythagorean-Platonic and Eurocentric myths presupposed in Western Science and Philosophy. Let us also remember that Mahatma Gandhi was himself an Indian Nationalist and that Aurobindo Ghose was an Indian Nationalist Revolutionary involved in bomb plots against the British oppressors prior to his becoming a mystic-philosopher.**
*Paul Deussen wrote famously that the New Testament calls upon us to 'Love thy neighbour as thy Self' but does not explain what this actually means (i.e. to view others as part of your own Self). Deussen added that the true philosophical basis of this statement had been explained by the ancient Upanishads (also known as the Vedanta or End-of-the-Vedas) about a thousand years before the New Testament. Deusen was referring to the central doctrine of the Upanishads - the Doctrine of the Atman-Brahman. In essence, this states that the Impersonal Spirit, Pure Consciousness or True Self within each of us (the Atman) is 'one with' or inseparable from the macrocosmic, Universal Spirit, Pure Consciousness, or Universal Self (Brahman) in which all things are realized as part of the Oneness of this Universal Consciousness. In Galatians, Paul refers to the 'Love of God' being as all-embracing as the sky.

**After witnessing the brutal British subjugation of India (home of Hinduism and Buddhism), the Theosophists (who claimed to integrate Science, Philosophy and Religion) became linked to India's Freedom Movement. American Colonel Olcott helped found the Indian National Congress and Irishwoman Annie Besant was its President in 1905.

The likes of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (the ‘Father of Indian Nationalism’) and Jawarharlal Nehru wrote of the need to counter the one-sided, imbalanced Materialist development of the modern West with a new Indian Modernity integrating, as Nehru put it, “Flesh and Spirit”. This vision inspired early Indian Nationalists who argued that Hinduism was a naturalistic, scientific philosophy based on evidence unlike the superstitious myths of Semitic Monotheisms. This Nationalist ideology countered the self-justifying denigration of Hinduism by the British Colonialists (see Western Academic Racism page). Indeed the first generation of India’s modern scientists, led by J.C. Bose, dreamt of challenging the Materialist science of the modern West with a holistic Indian science based on the Vedanta (Brahmanic Philosophy). Bose's admirers in regard to this holistic Indian science notion included Albert Einstein, Henri Bergson, Aldous Huxley and George Bernard Shaw. In the mid-20th Century British historian Arnold Toynbee predicted that, during the 21st Century, India would conquer her conquerors with her (philosophical) ideas. Many Indian gurus and writers make related claims. The late Professor Willis Harman (ex-Head of Stanford Research Institute) predicted in the 1980s that the New Science that will supersede the inadequate Materialist Science (that dominates today) will be based on Indian Metaphysics. On receiving a copy of my first book The Oneness/Otherness Mystery, Japanese physicist Shiuji Inomata wrote to me stating that he had quoted Harman’s prediction in his inaugural address to a 1998 Tokyo conference on “Science and Eastern Philosophy”. Ten million Japanese watched the television programme about this conference.

In spite of grandiose boasts by Indian gurus and by uncritical Indian and Western New Age writers, this triumph of Indian metaphysics over Western Philosophy, Science (and Theology) is not going to happen with the existing resources of Indian Philosophy. Nearly all Indian books (and Western New Age books) purporting to reveal the scientific truth in Hinduism or to integrate Science and Mysticism are uncritical, pseudoscientific works which will never be taken seriously by sceptical, scientific thinkers. This includes the works of Aurobindo Ghose whose Life Divine squanders its entire second half on baseless, pseudo-scientific speculation, inspired by Nietzsche and Romanticism, fantasizing about enlightened mystics constituting the progenitors of a new breed of Gnostic Supermen. In 2014, the comments by certain Hindu Nationalists (including PM Modi) citing the elephant-headed deity Ganesha, and myths from Hindu epics about the character Karna not being born of his mother and of Vimanas (flying machines) as evidence for Ancient Indian transplant surgery, genetic science and flying machines/rockets etc. has tended to tar all Indian claims to achievements with the same brush of disrepute and invited justified mockery. As some have pointed out the head of an elephant is quite clearly just a symbol of Divine Wisdom.

In order to overcome the deep-rooted objections of the Western orthodoxies underlying mainstream academic thought in both the West and in India (which largely apes the West), one must expose the falsehood of famous objections to the possibility of mystical apprehension of Reality. Such Western preconceptions make Mysticism a taboo topic in Western scientific thought. These include:

1. Kant’s denial of the possibility of a mystical Third Mode of Knowledge (beyond the senses and concepts) which allowed unmediated Direct Apprehension of Metaphysical (noumenal) Reality as it is.

2. The mainstream Western philosophical dogma, based on Catholic theologian turned psychological philosopher Franz Brentano's confusing use of the medieval Scholastic notion that Consciousness is 'Intentional' [not the same as Volitional, or willed freely, which is the common meaning of 'intentional']. This dogma (not actually held by either Brentano or Husserl) asserts that all of our experiences always contain an object towards which consciousness is directed. This implies that nondual Pure (Objectless) Consciousness (such as claimed in Brahmanic Philosophy) which has no subject/object duality cannot exist.

3. Jung’s claim that Indian Philosophy had over-reached itself in basing its grand metaphysical and cosmological claims on the introspective [better stated as 'phenomenological'] investigation of our  inner psychic constitution.

4. The Constructivist dogma dominating mainstream Western academic Comparative Religion in recent decades which denies the possibility of a Common Core, Universal Mysticism (or Perennial Philosophy) based on appeals to the authority of Kant (see point 1) and also on the Social-Constructivism argument that there are no unmediated, universal mental processes in humans as all mental processes are socially- or culturally-conditioned or ‘constructed’.

5. The Existentialists’ claim that the human ego can never escape the sensory-conceptual ‘Lifeworld’ of our everyday experience and hence cannot attain altered states of consciousness in which 'other worlds' [or other planes of existence] are perceived through extrasensory means as claimed by mystics.

6. Arguments such as those peddled by Gadamer-follower Richard King in his book Orientalism and Religion that Neo-Hindu assertions that AdvaitaVedanta (Nondualist Brahmanic) philosophy represents the Universal Spirituality (underlying various mythological spiritual traditions from all around the world) [as also asserted by Aldous Huxley and his associates] are just self-aggrandizing propaganda peddled by Neo-Hindus.## 

However, no academic scholars in Indian Philosophy even attempt to tackle such questions and overcome these hurdles. Of course no Indian Philosophy academic could start to overcome these objections as scientifically-illiterate Indian Philosophy academics have buried their heads in the barren sands of Sanskrit-language worship, churning out vacuous etymological renderings of Sanskrit terms and yet more new translations of ancient texts. Thus Indian Philosophy remains an irrelevant, reactionary relic, a realm of exotica or curiosities for Humanities students, far removed from the dynamic, forward-looking world of Science and Technology that dominates the modern world. Humanities’ scholars along with scientists in the ‘soft-sciences’ have been accused of ‘Physics envy’ as in the false philosophizing about Science’s failures by the Postmodern ‘LitCrit’ English faculty charlatans inspired by Derrida and others. Indeed, even after such Derridean deconstructive doggerel was rubbished by Western scientists in books such as Higher Superstitions and Fashionable Nonsense, Indian academics continued to ape this, already-outdated, Western fashion as, being Macaulayite, English-educated Indians, they could only follow-the-lead of their White Superiors (not do anything original, let alone challenge the Whites). Some Indian academics had even written in the 1990s that the ‘way forward’ for Indian Philosophy was to follow the Language Analysis of Anglo-American Analytics [again an out-dated failed project rubbished by those whose heads are not stuck up their backsides leading to tunnel-vision].

Even if one were able to overcome the philosophical objections listed above, one would still have to face the even more difficult task of demonstrating the false status of the Physicalist-Materialist metaphysics underlying modern Science which purports to being an universal system, capable of explaining all phenomena in the universe (whilst denying the existence of mystical and paranormal phenomena which do not fit into its metaphysical picture).

However, this relegation of Indian Philosophy to inferior, third-rate status (fit for a ‘Third World’ society in the Western Mind), need not be the case.  All the above Western objections to Mysticism and Perennial Philosophy and many more false Western presuppositions (including Physicalism) have been undermined and dismissed on rigorous, scientifically- and epistemologically-valid grounds by an Indian-born philosopher (not an academic – but one who has received remarkable, unique plaudits from Western science professors who actually understand Mysticism).

My work should, in the long run, help define India’s national identity. My work marks the transition of Vedantic-Tantric metaphysics from being merely Philosophy to becoming the basis of the New Universal Science based on the Primacy of Consciousness. This is a transition as great as that of the earliest Upanishads which marked the world’s first shift from mythological theology to conceptual Philosophy some 3,000 years ago. BBAB’s continuity with Indian tradition goes even deeper –  J.L. Mehta wrote that the central theme of the Rig Veda is (Divine) Light, the concept which holds all the suktas ('hymns') and padas ('books') together in a coherent whole. The true brahmana unceasingly pursues The Light. The word Rita, which most Westerners have mistranslated as 'order', actually refers to the Truth that shines forth. Similarly, Aurobindo Ghose stressed that the key themes of the Vedas were Light (Consciousness) and Energy and that the Arya (noble) is one who pursues The Light. Though vastly different in content from the ancient Vedas, BBAB represents the supreme fruition of this five millennium long Indian quest for the Divine Light of Truth within us. The earliest myths were refined into philosophies, but now vague philosophical speculations are rendered redundant as I have established the scientific basis of this supreme knowledge. This work also marks a significant breakthrough in regard to India’s maturation as a free-thinking independent civilisation no longer enslaved mentally to subservience and submission to Western hegemony in rational knowledge.

##In regard to such false attempts to discredit such NeoHindu claims (and the general misrepresentation of works such as mine by scientifically-illiterate and philosophically-unsophisticated reviewers) I was amused to see how Canadian Humanities academic Jordan Paper tried to put down my 1999 book O/OM in his little monograph The Mystic Experience. If I recall correctly, Paper taught English. Paper's first name suggests Jewish origin - relevant as Judaism is an exclusivist, tribal religion (not a universal religion open to all) -  as with other primitive, tribal religions, their members are the 'Chosen People' of their own imaginary, tribal deity. Judaism is not based on Divine Light but on superficial mystical experiences of the 'mountain-top deity' Yahweh** [see ** for more on Yahweh] who was one of many deities in the Canaanite pantheon presided over by supreme deity El. The Mother goddess Asherah, wife of El, was later worshipped as the wife of Yahweh by Israelites. Christianity is based on Divine Light (as is Islam; the Koran states that God is Light (Nur)). As other scholars have also argued, Sylvain Levi saw the Brahmanic-Buddhist Spirit of India as lying behind the rise of Christianity, Gnosticism and NeoPlatonism in Roman Egypt and Palestine. Guy Sorman (himself a Jew) asserts that the Christian emphasis on Love and Charity was a complete break from earlier Hebraic tradition. Sorman sees the new teachings of Jesus as derived from Indian Emperor Asoka's Buddhist Missions founded in Alexandria, Antioch and other Hellenistic capitals. These Buddhist missions were still present hundreds of years after Asoka in the 4th Century c.e. (see note ** below on origins of Christianity and the ** references to status of Yahweh). The Jewish Mysticism known as Kabbala (which does focus on the Light in its Zohar) arose, as Charles Seife has pointed out (in his book Zero), in the medieval era linked to the influence of Indian mathematics with its mystically-derived notions of Zero and Infinity.

When it comes to self-aggrandizing 'nationalistic' false propaganda, Judaism has no equal. As (Nazi Holocaust survivor and Humanist) Israel Shahak tells us in Jewish History, Jewish Religion (available as a free pdf on the web), prominent Jewish scholars such as Martin Buber have misportrayed hate-filled Hassidic ideologies, based on the hate-filled Talmud**, as being Humanist! Certain sects of Hassidic Judaism such as Habbad view the world as created only for the sake of the Jews and views all non-Jews as Satanic. The Zionists in Palestine teach such Habbad hate ideology in their schools and to the militia-like army (in which all citizens are supposed to serve). As works such as The Bible Unearthed, The Myths of Zionism and The Invention of the Jewish People demonstrate, the actual Judaeans were in fact the backward Highland Canaanites. The Biblical myths of Abraham, Moses and the Exodus, Joshua's conquest of Canaan, Solomon's great empire etc. were all made up in the time of King Josiah (mid-7th Century b.c.e.) to create a false nationalist history, the Deuteronomist history, for these poor and backward hill tribes. These historical myths were probably revised and added to with Persian and Greek political influences right up to the 3rd Century b.c.e.   

The Biblical Israel was not Jewish but a polytheist and non-exclusivist state which, unlike outsider-hating Judaea, mixed with neighbouring cultures. Judaean King Josiah and, later, the Persian agents of Cyrus such as Ezra and Nehemiah, forced the unwilling Judaean masses to worship only at the Jerusalem Temple of Yahweh **. Exclusive worship of Yahweh was forced upon neighbouring Canaanite peoples by the Hasmonean or 'Maccabee' totalitarian regime destroying temples such as that of the Israelite Samaritans. The Samaritans had refused to worship Yahweh at Mount Zion (Jerusalem) holding Mount Gezirim to be the holy site. Nehemiah and his fellow Persian agents were the handful of the Jerusalem elite who chose to return from exile in Babylon after Persian Cyrus conquered Babylon. Most of the descendants of the exiled elite chose to stay in Babylon until the 1950s when the Zionists and the USA pressured Iraq to deport the highly-assimilated non-Zionist Iraqi Jews to Palestine after their 2.5 millennium residence in Mesopotamia. As BBAB shows, many features of Judaism are copied from Zoroastrianism given the role of the Persian Cyrus (known as the Jewish Messiah Koresh). Again, contra Zionist myths, there was no Roman-enforced exile of the Judaeans in 70 c.e., this was a medieval Christian myth created to explain the presence of so many Jews in Europe, forgetting that Judaism had, prior to Constantine, been a proselytizing religion. Most Sephardic Jews are descendants of Phoenician-Carthaginian converts (given common Canaanite roots).

The Ashkenazi from Eastern Europe were Central Asian Hunnic-Turkic Khazars who converted to Judaism in the Caucasus in the medieval era before being pushed West into Ukraine etc. by the Mongols. The Palestinian fellahin are, as Ben Gurion himself had acknowledged (before suppressing such facts), the true descendants of the Biblical Judaean and Israelite masses who converted en masse to Islam (to avoid the poll tax on non-Muslims) following the Arab conquest which the Jews had facilitated given the persecution of Jews under Byzantine Christianity. 

As I show in BBAB, Yahweh** is equivalent to other tribal wargods - presumably based on mystical arousal of the Fear-, Rage- and Sex-related amygdala. The likes of Richard King (and Huston Smith) have pointed out how Stephen Katz, Head of Jewish Studies at Harvard fiercely opposes Perennial Philosophy [on vacuous grounds as Robert Forman has demonstrated] seemingly to defend the unique status of Judaism which [unlike Christianity and Islam] does not mention Mystical Union. Christian and Islamic mystics report Mystical Union even though this is heretical for Theism. Jordan Paper compared my 1999 book to the well-known work of orthodox Catholic apologist Zaehner and stated that I, like Zaehner, was saying 'my mysticism is better than yours'. This was an absurd misrepresentation of the character of my O/OM which got remarkable praise (as above from scientists Ellison and Whiteman) and others, such as Mysticism scholar Karel Werner, who praised my voluminous survey of scientific knowledge and studies relating to Mysticism. I presume that non-scientist Jordan Paper could not understand that this barrage of scientific evidence was corroborating the basic Indian Vedantic-Tantric metaphysics!

** Freke and Gandy on Origins of Christian Myths in Mystery Religions
When preparing BBAB I had not come across the 1999 book The Jesus Mysteries: Was the 'original Jesus' a pagan god? by Freke and Gandy . They, like myself, agree with Joseph Campbell on the Jesus story as mystical allegories copied largely from older traditions. I had thought that Josephus had mentioned a Jesus and the Church added nonsense about him being the one and only  'Son of God' into Josephus's work. This book provides what I would consider the most likely explanation for the origin of Christianity. Based on sound, scholarly evidence, the authors argue that the Jesus story was a myth from the start (there was no real man Jesus** - the entire passage in Josephus being a Church interpolation). When you take away all the elements copied from older traditions, including all the supposed teachings of Jesus and the forged and fraudulent Church histories, all that is really left is the absurd claim that Jesus was a real man and the one and only Son of God and also a Messiah for the Jews. Along with this is the absurd (Materialistic) belief in bodily resurrection of the true believers from the grave after the destruction of the Cosmos in the coming Apocalypse. Hellenized Jewish Gnostics, most probably in Alexandria, wanted to create a Jewish version of the Mystery Religions, as existed in other Eastern Mediterranean cultures, in order to steer their Zealot brethren away from war (national salvation) to seeking spiritual salvation instead. This is the perennial myth of a Dying and Resurrected  Godman who is persecuted by the authorities (e.g. Osiris, Tammuz, Dionysus, Mithras, Attis, Adonis, Bacchus etc.) representing allegorically the universal mystical transformation of the 'death' of the Lower Self/ego and its rebirth or resurrection as the Higher Self (the Immortal, Universal Daemon or Spirit). This is the Perennial Philosophy in which, through enlightened gnosis and mystical union, we can realize our True Self and True Identity with the Ineffable Divine Oneness which is the true 'God' in the sense of Creator of the Cosmos. [This is of course equivalent to the Vedantic doctrine of Atman-Brahman].
As I have stated in BBAB, Paul (the earliest available source of the Jesus myth) makes it clear that the story is not history but mystical allegory. Freke and Gandy also stress (as I do), the total incompatibility of the jealous, tribal deity Jehovah (Yahweh **) with the Christian doctrines. Some early Christians referred to Yahweh as 'The Fool' who deluded himself that he was God and that there was no Higher power than him. The Son [Iesous or 'Jesus'] was the revelation of a Higher Light. Famously, Bishop Marcion of Sinope had dropped the entire Old Testament as incompatible with Christian doctrines.

However, in order to make the alien Mystery Cults acceptable to the insular Jews, they also merged the Dying and Resurrected Godman myth with the Jewish myth of the Messiah (the Jewish version of the Redeemer myth) Hence the story had to be set in historical time rather than mythical time and included references to actual historical figures such as Herod and Pontius Pilate. The name Iesous is simply Greek for the common Jewish name Yesoshua (Joshua: [the name means 'Salvation'] the mythical character leading the fictional conquest of Canaan - the 'Promised Land' is itself a mystical allegory for spiritual fulfilment as Gnostics recognized). Iesous was chosen as the Greek form of the name of the Godman as the Greek letters add up to the numerologically significant number 888. The Christians' use of the Fish symbol was copied from Pythagorean sacred geometry. [I have noted in BBAB that the wooden Cross symbol is based on the ancient Axis Mundi  and the Tree of Life and that the Vatican is built on top of the Temple of Mithras - Mithras being born of a virgin on 25th December etc.].

Freke and Gandy mention the Crucifixion image from 300 c.e. in which the figure crucified is in fact Orpheus-Bacchus (mentioned in BBAB) but they also state that this image predates the Christian use of the Crucifixion image. The fact that the first Gospel appeared just after the time of Roman destruction of Jerusalem and Yahweh's Temple fits this interpretation. The Hellenized Gnostic Jews wanted to turn traditional, insular Jews (who despised Hellenistic Cosmopolitanism) away from futile Zealot attempts at 'national salvation' (and a return to strict Mosaic Law - prohibiting the fruits of Cosmopolitanism) through a military 'Messiah' and seek individual spiritual salvation instead. The earliest schism in Christianity was between those who wanted to retain Mosaic Law and keep the sect Jewish and those, like Paul, who wanted to ditch Mosaic Law and admit Gentiles. This original Gnostic Christianity was later suppressed and exterminated through brutal totalitarian repression and vandalism (the massacres of dissidents, destruction of pagan temples and burning  of  books - destroying much of the West's true (i.e. non-Judaic) cultural heritage) by the spiritually-ignorant and authoritarian Literalist Church (which demanded blind faith in dogma and obedience to priests) which had been co-opted by the authoritarian Roman Empire for political purposes. [Note that both Judaism and Christianity established their dominance in their respective regions through forced conversions; the Frankish Holy Roman Empire and Spanish Conquistadors forcibly converted Northern Europeans and Native Americans respectively. Their younger cousin Islam (also steeped in Judaic myths - Mohammed was closely associated to the Jews of Medina) used both force and coercion through discrimination against non-believers.
However, Freke and Gandy fail to mention the fact that Buddhist monasteries existed in Alexandria and other Hellenistic capitals at this time (founded by the missionaries sent by Emperor Asoka) and Josephus himself referred to Indian influences amongst the Jews in both Palestine and Alexandria at this time (the First Century c.e.). They also seem unaware of the fact that the Corpus Hermeticum (with its mythical character Hermes Trismegistus) was written in Greek in the 2nd Century c.e. and is not actually an Ancient Egyptian text. Casaubon had proved that it was a forgery back in 1614!

**Many of the stories in the Koran are copied from Talmudic and other Judaic sources. ​

**A Church of England survey (reported in October 2015) found that 40% of English people think that Jesus is a not a real historical figure but a mythical or fictional one.

** Cross-refers to info on Yahweh.

Siva Nataraj (Siva: The Lord of Dance)

How is Quantum Theory related to Consciousness and Mysticism

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.

Max Planck

The Dance of Siva represents the dynamic, energetic manifestation of the phenomenal universe (the world of appearances or material forms) from the underlying Formless, Universal Consciousness (the Supreme Siva in Nondualist Kashmir Saivism, ontologically the most sophisticated form of Hinduism - unlike the tacit dualism of the much-hyped Sankara's supposedly Monist mayavada (Doctrine of Maya) often misrepresented as Illusionism. This Hindu understanding of the Universe as created out of energetic vibrations of the underlying Universal Consciousness - the Tantric Metaphysics focusing on energy - has its roots in the Upanishads (Vedanta) with its Doctrine of the Panch Bhuta (Five Spirits/Elements) which was later copied in a distorted and invalid form by Empedocles (See page on Western Academic Racism).

Unlike Empedocle's Theory of Elements - which tacitly racist Western History of Science presents falsely as original and of great scientific value when Empedocle's version is now only a museum relic (as well as suppressing the fact that Empedocles was actually a Shamanic Healer**) - whereas the original Indian version (based on mystical experience of the Transcendental Realm underlying Nature and the vibratory manifestation of natural phenomena) parallels modern Quantum Physics. The First-created Element was Akasa - Space as Subtle Matter characterized by Vibration. The New Physics, essentially Quantum Mechanics, whose true inventors Heisenberg & Schrödinger   both stated that they were inspired by Indian Metaphysics in its invention (Schrödinger was an advocate of Advaita Vedanta and argued that Quantum Theory reflected the Oneness of Vedanta) and String Theory (derived from Quantum Theory) both picture material particles and forces as localized temporal manifestations of underlying nonlocal waves or energetic vibrations which spread out over the entire universe.

**Indeed Freke and Gandy point out that, whereas Pythagoras and Empedocles are usually presented as if they were 'scientists',  some of the myths concocted for the mythical Gospel character Jesus were copied from the legendary real-life stories about these famous healers and 'miracle workers' who drew huge crowds wherever they went. Empedocles claimed to be a god.

A human-size statue of Siva Nataraj stands in the plaza at CERN (the European Centre for Nuclear Research  - or 'High Energy Physics' research). Although one of the two quotes below the statue at CERN comes from US physicist Fritjof Capra, author of the 1975 bestseller The Tao of Physics, my work points out that Capra misrepresented Vedanta and most Eastern metaphysics by omitting the perennial mystical fact that Energy arises as the Vibration of the underlying Universal Consciousness which is the Primary Reality. Not only did Physicalist Capra omit Consciousness, but, in his later books he reduced Consciousness falsely to the modern Western myth of Emergent Materialism (in Capra's case Emergent Physicalism as he recognizes that Matter is a derivative of Energy). As my work demonstrates, the notion of the Emergence of Consciousness out of insentient energy/matter is in fact a tacit appeal to Magic (a Creation ex nihilo) given that Natural Science precluded Sentience in Galileo's false ontology of measurable aspects of Nature being so-called 'Primary Qualities'. In spite of the much-hyped 'Quantum Mind' speculative babble spouted by many New Age physicists, Quantum Theory does not involve Consciousness. What Quantum Theory does do is indicate a Monistic, holonomic*, Space-Time transcending realm underlying the superficial phenomena of Nature (i.e. the material forms in space-time).​

*['Holonomic' implies that all phenomenal manifestations or 'things' are created out of the energetic reverberations of all other phenomenal manifestations - hence everything is interconnected and true causation involves everything else in the universe. Thomas McEvillley states that the Buddhist term is dharmadhatu. This is related to the famous Buddhist notion of Dependent Co-Origination (Pratitya-Samutpada). Erwin Schrodinger referred to Quantum Theory reflecting the Unity and Continuity of Vedanta, including the Vedantic 'All in One and One in All' which is the same notion -as also found in Plotinus's description of Nous in which the Transcendental Forms/Ideas are omnipresent - 'Everywhere and Nowhere'. It was Schrödinger who first recognized and highlighted the deeper Wholeness/Interconnectedness of all things implied by Quantum Theory and he coined the term 'Entanglement' in his communications with Einstein. This led Einstein to later develop the Einstein Podolsky Rosen (EPR) thought experiment which brought out this 'spooky action at a distance' or Entanglement which became testable after John Bell formulated his famous Bell's Inequality Theorem in 1964. Bell's work was inspired by that of David Bohm, whose 1951 Causal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics had highlighted the related notion of Nonlocality. Bohm, whom Einstein had befriended as his 'intellectual son' at Princeton, later befriended the famous mystic Jiddu Krishnamurti and, influenced by Vedanta, wrote about the holonomic, transcendental realm (or "implicate order") that was implied by Quantum Theory. As David Kaiser pointed out in his 2011 book How the Hippies Saved Physics, it was New Ager physicist John Clauser at Berkeley who first tested EPR/Bell's Theorem in 1972, ten years before the famous Aspect Experiment.]

Eight years before Capra's Tao of Physics (and thirteen years before Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order), in 1967 Mathematical Physicist J.H.M. Whiteman had published his highly scholarly volume in the Muirhead Library of Philosophy entitled The Philosophy of Space and Time and the Inner Constitution of Nature: A Phenomenological Study. Based on personal experience of mystical realms, Whiteman argued that there exists a Universalized Consciousness, transcending appearances in Space and Time which is also the innermost core of our own Consciousness. This parallels the central Vedantic doctrine of the Atman-Brahman (that our innermost consciousness - the impersonal spirit within - or Atman - is one with the Transcendental Universal Consciousness (Brahman)Schrödinger called the Doctrine of the Atman-Brahman the greatest thought ever put forward by humans. (In fact it is not a speculative 'thought' but a fact of mystical experience). Whiteman also argued in his 1967 book that the metaphysical interpretation of Quantum Theory pointed to the same Transcendental Substructure of Nature which could be realized (experienced) directly through meditation. The great physicist Paul Dirac (who invented the notion of Antimatter and pioneered Quantum Electrodynamics) invited him to Cambridge to discuss the book. Werner Heisenberg* himself had checked the manuscript of the chapter on Quantum Mechanics for Whiteman.
* Heisenberg was close friends with astrophysicist Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker (brother of German President Richard von Weizsacker) who set up an institute exploring parallels between Indian metaphysics and the New Physics.

Thus as BBAB stresses, contra the taboo status of Mysticism amongst the mediocre scientists (glorified technicians) of the orthodox establishment, the great creative geniuses who invented the New Physics were comfortable with Mysticism (indeed Wolfgang Pauli, who was closely associated with Carl Jung, even described himself as being a mystic). This is not surprising; Isaac Newton was also a mystic, but as with the Ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Empedocles, mainstream Western academia (especially the English-speakers) have suppressed and still suppress the mystical nature of their philosophies.

The word Sofia/Sophia (as in Philosophia) refers to the Cosmic Light of Wisdom. In Plato's teachings this Light of Truth floods the mind when the Wisdom-Eye is opened by cleansing the mind of sensory percepts and conceptual hypotheses which befoul the Wisdom-Eye. Sofia is usually translated as Divine Wisdom. I use the word Divine not to signify anything religious or related to an anthropomorphic 'God' but in the sense of Uncreated. The phenomenal world of spatiotemporal forms (i.e. Nature or the Physical World) is created through the myriad energetic vibrations of the Uncreated Formless Universal Consciousness.  

Indeed, as BBAB stresses, modern science was based largely on Ancient Hindu (not Greek, nor even 'Arab') mathematics (See page on Western Academic Racism ) such as Arithmetic, Algebra and even Infinitesimal Calculus (the mathematical basis of Newton's Physics - which originated in India before Newton). The revolutionary Hindu mathematical notions of Zero and Infinity - without which the mathematical physics of Newton and Descartes' Analytical Geometry (Cartesian Co-ordinates) would have been impossible were themselves derived from mystical experience of the Formless Infinite 'Nothingness' of the Plenum/Void of Universal Consciousness. These Hindu mathematical concepts of Zero & Infinity also transformed medieval Mediterranean and European cosmologies allowing for Atomism to be reconsidered.


*As Joseph Campbell wrote, the Holy Grail is that fountain in the centre of the universe from which pour forth the energies of Eternity into the temporal world. That same energy is in each of our hearts. [The 'heart' being a metaphor for our innermost consciousness, the centre of the 'soul', which as Plotinus stated, is the Centre of the All].