List of Contents for Sutapas Bhattacharya's 2015 book:

The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman:

The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

Comment from reader Dr W.C. Muller ( )

... as always your content is impeccable. Of course I like your focus on the reticular system, and your embrace of panpsychism, perennial philosophy, and non-locality of consciousness. But I also enjoy your many insights into areas that are new to me. You are a brilliant scholar with profound understanding of so many issues at the interface of science and religion.

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Note that the book is now printed in 2 volumes and Part 1 is now called 'The Light of Truth' and contains Chapters 1-8: this makes up Volume 1. Part 2 'The One True Ontology' now consists of Chapters 9&10. Chapters 11-13 are now Part 3 'My Path to the Light'.
Volume 2 contains Parts 2 and 3 (Chapters 9-13) plus the lengthy Notes to Chapters as well the Index.

Volume 1
Part One: The Light of Truth

1. The Mysteries of Existence and Creation

Hubris, Hyperbole and Humbug in the Ontological Phantasies of Physics
The True Temple of the Spirit and Human Access to Metaphysical Reality Beyond Sensory Appearances
The secrecy of ancient Mystery Traditions and the problematic notion of ineffability
Reductionist science, EM fields, Consciousness and transcending Material Nature through ‘Unhumanization’

2. The Great Secret of Existence

The Taj Mahal’s Marble, the EU Anthem and the Great Seal of the USA
The Vedic culture of India’s first civilisation and the mystical commonality beneath the clash of Mohammedan and Hindu traditions in India
The mystical inspiration and message of the EU anthem
The true Holy Grail, the All-Seeing Eye and the mythological objectification of mystical glory
Nature Mysticism, Transcendental Cosmic Consciousness, the Plenum/Void and Creative Manifestation
That Thou Art: The Nondualist Doctrine of Atman-Brahman

3. The True Light of Truth: The Link between Spiritual and Material Realms

Western Rationalist Distortions and Constructivist Denials of True Enlightenment
Physics-appeasement in Western Academic Philosophy
Divine Light in Popular Culture, Conscience and the True Resurrection

4. Modern Physicists’ Understanding of Mysticism and the Transcendental

Philosopher-Physicists: Contemplative ‘Big Fish’ of the New Physics
Ernst Mach: Buddhistic Godfather of the New Physics and the even newer ‘Machian physics’
Parallels for Atman, Brahman and Tantra in the writings of  'Acharya' Arthur Eddington
The ‘Fifth Element’, photons, matter waves and Einstein’s confused ‘cosmic religious feeling’
David Bohm:Taking Physics into the transcendental and holy
Heisenberg’s Hindu influences and epistemological uncertainties in approaching the One
Erwin Schrodinger: Quantum Wave Mechanics reflects the unity and continuity of Advaita Vedanta
Wolfgang Pauli’s Bombay dream of dance: Atoms, archetypes and Shiva’s dance
Culture-bound Cavemen: Contemptuous Dismissal of Mysticism by Metaphysical Minnows of Modern Science
Hyped-up Hawking’s hubristic hogwash and hostility to Mysticism
Christian ‘demons’, hidden human potentialities, psychical phenomena and Quantum potentialities
SEXING-UP PHYSICS  and suppression of psychical phenomena by Western media

5. Metaphysical Roots of Cognitive Science and its Confounded NeoDarwinist Misconceptions of Consciousness

Metaphysical Foundations of Cognitive Science
Physicalist science is ‘inherently Behaviorist’, precluding Sentience and hence wrong
Behaviorist roots of Functionalism
Connectionism and Embodied-Enactive models
Crude Cognitive Conceptions of Consciousness Concocted by Nobel Laureates
Sperry’s tacit Dualist ‘Emergent Mentalism’
Changeaux’s ‘Neuronal Man’
Crick’s crude Behaviorism
Edelman’s evasive Evolutionary Emergent Materialism
Can Natural Selection Create Consciousness: Nicholas Humphrey’s Fables
Metzinger’s Materialist Misrepresentation of Subjective Experience as World-Modelling

Metzinger’s Representational Analysis of the Subject-Object ‘perspective’
Metzinger’s ‘Semantic Transparency’ of the Self Model and ontological subterfuge through semantic sophistry
The Book of Daniel: High priest of Cognitivism sticks steadfastly to his Scientism faith
A Look at Some Other Conceptual Confabulations of Normal and Mystical Consciousness
Wolf Singer: Awareness as an organizational rather than ontological question
Cognitive caricatures of the mystical (Divine) Light
Persinger’s philosophically puerile purview on the neuropsychology of religious experience

6. New Age Misunderstandings of the Science-Mysticism Inter-relationship

Gopi Krishna, Fritjof Capra, M-L von Franz and Richard Jones on Science and Mysticism
The ‘Evolution of Consciousness’ myth: separating grain from chaff
Emergent Materialist caricatures of Eastern mysticism by Capra and Buddhophiles
Richard Jones’ scholarly superficialities of spacetime, spiritual substance and scientific structures
Von Franz on the Hindu god-image of modern physics
False Arguments Against Science-Mysticism Synthesis from Wilber and Bernstein
Wilber's epicyclic model-making and false view of enlightenment as evolution
Wilber's misconceptions regarding planes and the Synthesis of Science and Mysticism
Independence of Nonlocality and my correlate of Pure Consciousness from particular paradigms
Two views of 'brainwaves' and Bohm's unanswered question to Krishnamurti

7. Vedic Knowledge of Spiritual Light Distorted in Diffusion across Eurasia

The Divine Light in the Rig Veda and Upanisads
Doniger's Freudian mistranslations and the true mystical meaning of Rig Veda
The Perennial Fountainhead of Truth or Godhead
Max Muller's Christian colonialist caricature of Vedic Aryans as Northern nomadic invaders
Central Rig Vedic theme of Atman-Brahman conceptualized in Upanisads
The Vedic Roots of the Buddhist Heterodoxy and the Mahayanists’ Tacit Return to the Atman and Brahman in Tibetan Buddhism
The popular images of Hinduism and Buddhism in the West
The lack of Light and clarity in Buddhism
How the Spiritual Light from India Conquered Eastern Asia
The Western myth that Chinese ideas will increasingly dominate the globe in the 21st Century
The nonviolent conquest of China, Tibet and South-east Asia by Indian spiritual culture
Ex Orient Lux: The Influence of Indian Philosophies in the Ancient Mediterranean
The Divine Light in Plato, ‘Pimander’ and Plotinus
The Divine Light in Christianity and other Middle Eastern traditions

8. Superficial Insights of Western Phenomenology and Jungian Psychology versus True Depth in Two Scientific Seers

Clouding the Light: James, Husserl, Heidegger and Jung
Two True Scientific ‘Seers': The Light as seen by Merrell-Wolff and Michael Whiteman

Volume 2
Part Two: The One True Ontology

9. Advaita Vedanta as the Universal Spirituality and Sanatana Dharma as the True Ontology

Universalization of Sanatana Dharma by Ramakrishna as ‘Unity of Faiths’
Projection of deities onto the Light of Godhead
Ramakrishna’s doctrine of the Unity of Faiths as universalization of traditional Hindu inclusivism
Doniger’s Freudian Disciples Project Personal Sexual Hang-ups onto Hindu ‘Other’
Kripal projects Catholic paedophilia onto Ramakrishna and presents Vedantic Yoga as vows
American academics divert attention from exposés by demonizing Hindus as psychopathological ‘terrorists’
Debunking the fraudulent ‘Psychoanalysis’ of Sigmund Freud and the ‘Postmodern’ charlatans of France
Ramakrishna’s ‘Unity of Faiths’ Becomes Huxley’s ‘Perennial Philosophy’
Western Theists’ Public and Secret Fears of Indian Spiritual Hegemony and the Coming New Age
The True Underlying Ontology or the Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Truth)

Perennial phenomenology and arrogant Western academia’s ethnocentric epistemological evasion of the true ontological Primacy of Consciousness
Beyond the limits of scientific constructs: Looking far out into our minds

10. The New Transcendental Physics and the Scientific and Ontological Superiority of Indian Metaphysics over Greek and Western

The Unacknowledged Role of India in the Rise of Modern Science
How Hindisat laid the foundations of the Scientific and Financial revolutions in Europe
Hindu origins of Infinitesimal Calculus, Trigonometry, modern Algebra and Analysis
The Sanskrit-inspired European Renaissance leading to the New Physics and the New Age
Ontological Superiority of Indian Transcendental Process Metaphysics and Mathematics over Greek Geometric Idealism and Platonism

Part Three: My Path to the Light

11. My 1980s Panpsychist Theory of Consciousness

The Background to My 1983 paper on Consciousness
My secular Western Upbringing and Indian self-hatred
My teenage encounters with metaphysics and mysticism
The events of July 1st to July 12th 1983
My 1983 Paper on Consciousness: Structural Subjectivity
The ‘inherent Behaviorism’ of Physicalism (Materialism) precludes awareness
My Panpsychist, Structuralist solution to the Ontological Problem of Consciousness
Human ‘Mindlike’ consciousness and meaningful experience
The Response to My 1983 Paper on Consciousness
Facing up to real-life problems and the reality of India
My Search for a Career and My 1987 Paper on Consciousness

12. Driven On by My Deeper Self: To Despair or Destiny

My Encounter with Indian Philosophy
Moksa and Near-Death Experiences: An Intuitive Leap
Learning the Meaning of ‘Spirit’
The Deeper Self, Destiny, Animal Magnetism and My Changing Evaluation of Eastern Values
Learning from Jung and Synchronicities

13. The Breakthrough to the Light

Learning the Significance of the Light
Divine Light, Nothingness and Saccidananda
Scientific Hostility to Mysticism and Perplexity Over the Light
The Puzzle of Coherent Alpha Rhythm
The Ego Complex in Zen Meditation: Phenomenological Evidence Supporting My Theory
The Light as Experienced in the Slow, Mainstream Yogic Paths
My ‘ReAwakening’ or ‘Conversion’ Transformation

Appendix One: The full evidence confirming the Reticular Activiating System brainwaves as the physical correlate of the Inner Light of Pure Consciousness (cit or Atman)

Note to Chapters