Quotes referring to Sutapas Bhattacharya's 1999 book

The Oneness/Otherness Mystery:
The Synthesis of Science and Mysticism

Your outline seems to show that you have found the solutions to many of humanity’s deepest philosophical problems and I shall look forward eagerly to reading your book.

Professor Arthur Ellison DSc(Eng)
Ex-Head of Electrical Engineering, City University,London
Vice-President, Scientific and Medical Network,
Ex-President, Society for Psychical Research

I was pleasingly struck first by the way you “saw through” the muddled or otherwise seriously inadequate thinking of various much-publicised writings – for instance, those by Hawking, Wilber, Capra, Jung, and even Einstein.

Professor J.H.M. Whiteman
 (Taught Relativity and Quantum theories; had contacts with Heisenberg and Dirac*;
 author of books on scientific study of mysticism who has attained mystical union; also literate in Sanskrit/Pali)
*In his 1967 book The Philosophy of Space and Time
and the Inner Constitution of Nature

Whiteman argued from experience that the metaphysical interpretation
of Quantum Theory indicates the same transcendental substructure of Nature as
revealed directly by meditation. Werner Heisenberg himself checked
the chapter on Quantum Theory in this book.
Paul Dirac, the great physicist who invented the idea of antimatter
invited Whiteman to Cambridge to discuss the book with him

delighted by its breadth and its understanding. It is a most wonderful reference book, and I am very pleased to have it on my shelf.

Professor Peter Fenwick
Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry
Chairman of Scientific and Medical Network for 16 years
Expert on EEG studies of meditation and Near-Death Experiences
Fenwick pressed Templeton Prize judge R. Ravindra to speak to me
and urged me to send a copy to Templeton Foundation
but as my work undermines the myth of Theism
it has been ignored by this Christian-dominated organization
which promotes primarily the Semitic Monotheisms
although the original intention was for Progress in the
Scientific Understanding of Religion.

This is a remarkable book by an unusual young man…a polymath of very considerable ability…

Oliver Knowles OBE
From review in De Numine, newsletter of Alister Hardy Centre for the Study of
Religious Experience, Oxford (Patrons include Archbishop of Canterbury and Dalai Lama)

...outlining his epoch-making synthesis of Indian spirituality and European science…​

Professor Karel Werner
Leading scholar of Eastern Philosophy and of Mysticism from
​review in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

I haven’t been able to put it down. It is quite a tour de force. You cover so many things, so many ideas and it is full of the most interesting bits of information. Congratulations! I’m sure this book will make you famous.​

Professor Subhash Kak
Computer and Electrical Engineering, Louisiana State University
Co-author with neurologist Karl Pribram and expert on ancient Indian knowledge systems

It is noteworthy that the book is a definite pointer to a synthesis of science and mysticism, with strong evidence to support the activity in the brain region (RAS) during meditation.​

Professor Uma Erry
From 8pp review in Bhavan’s Journal one of India’s most famous
and widely circulated serious magazines

essential reading…this remarkable book presenting some ideas that will need serious consideration in any attempt to integrate contemporary science with Hindu philosophy and the phenomena of mystical experience.​

Dr Alan Mayne
Mathematician (University College London) from major review entitled
East-West Synthesis in Scientific and Medical Network Review

...much of the scientific research on mysticism has had either of two purposes: either to support and confirm a particular group’s claims for the superiority of their method (witness the work on TM in the seventies, and the revival of such scientific investigations in the recent investigation of Buddhist meditation; or alternatively to be used as a tool for reductive explanations that explain away mystical experience and meditative practice as reducible merely, to brain chemistry, brain electricity and so on. I am pleased to see that your work appears to take neither of these tacks and seeks rather an intelligent adjustment between these two modalities of knowledge...​

Professor Paul Muller-Ortega
Professor of Religion, University of Rochester N.Y
Expert on Tantric Kashmir Saivism and has himself ‘Seen the Light' 

Non-verbatim comments

There is a man in the audience called Sutapas Bhattacharya who knows a lot more than any of you speakers and we should all hear what he has to say.

Final question to ‘big name’ New Age speakers from woman in audience at S&MN
and IONS sponsored Beyond the Brain Conference, Cambridge, August 1999
My impromptu speech that followed ‘stole the show’ from all the speakers!

Your book has taught me what Quantum Theory is actually all about and what Spirituality is actually all about.​

Paul Nash, Scientific Indexer
Physical Chemistry graduate Paul has indexed books for Roger Penrose and
for Prof. P.W. Atkin (bestselling Physical Chemistry textbook author).
Paul was delayed indexing my O/OM in 1998 as it was “too interesting” so he kept reading it.

..it will be a landmark book.​

John White
Literary Agent (USA), ex-publisher who published Ken Wilber’s first book.
This is emailed comment after reading O/OM in 2003 as part of the Paragon House review
of my proposal for a new book.