The Institutional Racism of Western Academia and
Western Pretensions to Universalism

White Supremacist colonial pseudoscience persists in 'History & Philosophy of Science' and the false conflation of 'European' with 'scientific' permeates Western academia. Even supposedly 'Indophile' historians perpetuate such myths and western 'Indophile' New Agers pander surreptitiously to these racist preconceptions. BBAB demonstrates that, contrary to the White Supremacist myth of the 'Greek Miracle' (still touted by the likes of Richard Dawkins), postmodern maths, physics, cosmology and phenomenology/cognitive science are far more in accord with ancient Indian metaphysics than with ancient Greek metaphysics.



In recent years, UK PM Gordon Brown (Labour) and  Tory Education Minister Michael Gove (both Scots) have attempted to 'whitewash' the British Empire of its racist Crimes Against Humanity [It should be noted that Adolf Hitler admired the British Empire and wanted to emulate it]. Both turned to fellow Scot, the Glaswegian Niall Ferguson to revise History Education. Neocon Ferguson is notorious for peddling Kipling's racist 'White Man's Burden' fiction (such as the Brits acting heroically to save starving Indians - or Raj officials working themselves to early death in order to help India prosper) as if this fictional, self-justifying propaganda was historical fact! BBAB exposes the British colonial demonization of Indian tradition [primarily so-called 'Hinduism'] and the ongoing falsification of Indian history in order to deflect blame for two centuries of British economic 'parasitization' of India.1 This included the looting of India's foodgrains resulting in dozens of British-inflicted famine holocausts killing tens of millions of Indians (whilst simultaneously providing food security and great financial benefit to Britain​2). Brainwashed, self-hating, English-educated Indians ('intellectual sepoys' 3) tend to perpetuate such myths in order to pander to their White 'masters' and thus advance themselves in Western-dominated institutions (which, as with the old Raj bureaucracy, promote only the 'humble and obedient servant') 4 .

A recent study, published by Columbia U.P., estimates that Britain robbed India of over $45 trillion (at today's rates)5:  

Surprisingly, a British paper did cover this story - even more surprising - it was the right-wing tabloid Daily Express (See Note 5 below) - the reporter Anna Kretschmer had only joined the paper a month earlier.

1 Indeed racist Scot James Mill (the father of John Stuart Mill,rose to 2nd-in-command of the East India Co. {EIC}) was largely responsible for the demonization of Hinduism and creating the myth that India [which, prior to British occupation, was famed for its wealth] was a land of eternal poverty. Mill also tried to 'whitewash' Plato's works of Mysticism and Oriental influences. 

2 In 2013, I saw an episode of the BBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are in which Kenyan-born actor Nitin Ganatra traced his roots back to Gujarat. His ancestors had emigrated to East Africa in the 1890s to build the Uganda Railway. We were told that they chose this harsh life in order to escape famine but nothing was said of the actual causes of the 1890s famines in Western India (Gujarat was hardest hit) in which at least 19 million died (according to The Lancet in 1901) whilst record amounts of India's foodgrains were exported (see below​).​
3 Rajiv Malhotra coined this phrase 'intellectual sepoy' which reflects accurately the mercenary behaviour of Indian intellectuals pandering to their White 'masters' (i.e. Western patrons) paralleling the sepoy mercenaries who served under the colonial European rulers in India. I find it rather amusing to see British Sikhs boasting of the role of Sikh troops in the Great European War of 1914-18 - the British rewarded them in 1919 by getting Sikh sepoys  to fire on fellow Punjabis (mainly Sikhs) in the Amritsar Massacre. The hypocrisy displayed by the Anglo-Americans over Nazi German racism is especially clear in the racial segregation that he US Army brought over with them to Britain in the 1940s. I recall hearing the Afro-American fighter pilot Alexander Jefferson stating on a TV programme how he was treated with dignity by White men for the first time when he was imprisoned in a Nazi German prison. He said of his return to New York City: Having been treated by the Nazis like every other Allied officer, I walked down the gang plank wearing an Army Air Corps Officer's uniform towards a white US Army sergeant on the dock, who informed us "Whites to the right, niggers to the left."​  Even in the 1960s, Black US soldiers returning in uniform to the Deep South were sometimes shot by the Ku Klux Klan.
4 The UK prohibited publication (and the US would not publish) the work by the Bengali Radabhinod Pal who was the only non-European judge at the 1946 Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal and the sole dissenting voice. Whilst recognizing that the Japanese  had committed atrocities, Pal also recognized the 'Victor's Justice' being meted out under the cloak of 'law' and the hypocrisy in regard to European colonial atrocities in Asia. In July 2015, the ex-UN official and Congress politician, Shashi Tharoor did make a speech at the Oxford Union pointing out how Britain grew rich by economic looting of India covering some of the points I have made in both O/OM and BBAB. At the same time BBC2 did show a couple of TV programmes about the huge compensation scheme in the 1830s which gave Britain's 46,000 slave-owners the equivalent of £16.5 billion for loss of their human 'property'. The largest beneficiary was John Gladstone (father of Liberal PM William Gladstone). The family of the UK PM David Cameron also benefited as did the ancestors of Richard Dawkins. Britain's wealth was largely built both through the brutal exploitation of African slaves for as well as through the brutal looting of India. In both cases the profits from such exploitation benefited the whole of British society, providing huge capital investments in new industries and funds for social reforms for Britain's poor (as well as Food Security from Indian foodgrains). As with the Liberal PM Gladstone's huge inheritance from slavery, Charles Dickens (presented as a social liberal toward poor Britons) opposed the Abolition of Slavery and wrote of exterminating all Indians. Gladstone's Tory rival Benjamin Disraeli's personally appointed henchman created 'Death Camps' in India for the victims of the 1877 British-inflicted famine holocaust in Madras Province.

5 Contrast these facts with the delusional, hypocritical rantings of the 'Middle England' readers of the right-wing Daily Mail [a tabloid which supported Hitler and British Fascist Oswald Mosely in the 1930s] and Daily Express who regularly comment under articles about India's achievements in Space or Republic Day military parades that the Indians must be spending UK Foreign Aid money on their Space programme and military etc. In fact the UK no longer gives aid money to the Indian government and what it gave was paltry compared to the sums Britain stole from India [$45 Trillion is 17 times the size of the UK's GDP]. It was Britain that corruptly used stolen Indian wealth to finance its Industrial Revolution, overseas investments, imperial wars, development of White-settler colonies etc. Jason Hickel states correctly in his Al Jazeera article, the British still peddle the myth that the Empire was benevolent and that Britain was actually losing money through its occupation of India! It is not just right-wing tabloids: in late 2018 I complained to the BBC as their web article about the city of Pune used a picture of the slums giving a totally false impression of this fairly wealthy city - but this is typical in British media coverage. The BBC did change their image.

Western Academics conflate ‘European’ with ‘Scientific’

(The N1, N2, N3... indices in the text below refer to the endnotes given below the text).

The tacit racism that pervades Western academic studies of the History and Philosophy of Science, general Western ‘Philosophy’ and so-called ‘Consciousness Studies’ is a major underlying theme in The Brainstem Brainwaves of Atman-Brahman: The Synthesis of Science and Spirituality (BBAB), just as it was in my first book The Oneness/Otherness Mystery.Highlighting these Western Taboo subjects has been a major factor in the West where publishers are often linked to the major media organizations. This racism is often politely referred to as ‘Eurocentrism’ but this label tends to suggest that the Western writer remains ignorant of non-Western history and knowledge. In fact, as BBAB demonstrates, suppression of the Indian origins of many ideas and of Indian influences on major scientific ideas and thinkers, along with asymmetric treatment of non-European of non-European knowledge in so-called ‘Comparative Studies’ continues today. Ironically, even Western academics who present themselves as ‘Postmodern’ and write books purportedly criticizing the ‘Orientalism’ of the past (such as Fred Dallmayr in his Beyond Orientalism and Richard King in his Orientalism and Religion – see below – actually exhibit new forms of Eurocentric ‘Neo-Orientalist’ bias as my work exposes).

            It is not only ‘White’ people (of European origin) who perpetuate such racist myths. English-educated Indians in India have been indoctrinated in the Macaulayite* colonial system of rote learning in schools and Western-style universities in which the same Eurocentric knowledge predominates. Given their lust for jobs in wealthy Western society and their unquestioning, deferential attitude towards the West as fount of all knowledge and hence international recognition, most Indian academics remain eager to act as lackies for their White ‘masters’ (patrons). The Macaulayite Indian elite (parodied as the Bandor lok or Monkey People aping the (White) Humans in Kipling’s Jungle Book) are happy to eke out a Second-Class-Citizen niche for themselves in a White-dominated world, taking the scraps from the White People they idolize (and suffer inferiority-complexes in relation to) in secure professions which the more ambitious and creative Whites fail to fill such as tax accountants,  ghetto-doctors, non-creative text-book-writing university teachers etc. Indian-American Christian Richard Crasta has satirized the obsequious behaviour of Western-educated Indians in his Impressing the Whites: The New International Slavery noting how Indians who have success in the West are notorious for not helping aspirant fellow Indians as they seek jealously to retain their own privileged status as ‘Native Informant’ – the Darkie whom the Whites refer to when they want to know about the Darkies. The Indian who achieves some success in the West sees himself or herself as an ‘Honorary White’ and looks down on other Indians. Some even denigrate people of African-origin in order to get in with the White-dominated Republicans in the USA or the Tories in the UK (the party of Benjamin Disraeli and Winston Churchill who were responsible for genocide in India). Those that succeed in the West are those who play to the stereotype of the non-threatening, humble and obedient servant who says what the Whites want to hear [RC].N1,N2

*In his famous Minute on Education (1835) Thomas Macaulay stated famously that he had never met a single Oriental who would not deny that a single shelf in a good European library was worth more than the entire literature of India and Arabia. He also referred to India's 'absurd metaphysics' and 'absurd theology' [as opposed to the Christian Truth!]. The aim of this colonial English education was to create a class of Indian intermediaries who were wholly English in their mindsets. Uncritical English-educated Indian Leftists continue to take British and Marxian myths as Gospel Truth whilst dismissing anything tainted by 'Hinduism'. In his 1835 Minute​, Macaulay had also chastised the Mughal rulers for their use of pousta (opium) to poison slowly their rivals by ruining their minds, claiming that the British would never do such things: "It is no model for the English nation. We shall never consent to administer the pousta to a whole community – to stupify and paralyse a great people..." Yet soon afterwards, as Minister of War, Macaulay tried to justify British aggression against China after China tried to curb British opium-trafficking which was poisoning the minds of a great people!

            Few people know of the controversy of the Surkotada Horse Remains which challenged the now scientifically-discredited but still peddled White Supremacist Western myth of the Aryan Invasion of India (see below). A.K. Sharma had to wait 20 years for vindication of his claim to have found remains of domesticated horses at Surkotada. Indian supporters of the orthodox Aryan Invasion model refused to believe the facts until a White expert Sandor Bokonyi came to India and confirmed Sharma’s findings [EB].N3 More recently we had the ‘Glaciergate’ scandal which reflects the Judaeo-Christian Apocalyptic mythology which resurrects itself so frequently in Western Science (with its ‘End-of-the-World’, ‘Save-the-Planet’ scare-mongering as with Paul Erlich’s Overpopulation Crisis and the ‘Global Cooling’ hysteria in the 1970s and the late 1990s ‘Millennium Bug’ mass hysteria). It is not surprising that, like British-knighthood-bearing, India-bashing Trinidadian novelist Sir (!)V.S. Naipaul, Dr Raj Paichuri was made a Nobel laureate by the Europeans. This Westernized Oriental Gentleman was surely voicing the views of his White superiors when he claimed that the Indian Government research which debunked the rapid retreat of the Himalayan glaciers propaganda was ‘Voodoo Science’. N4

               Rajiv Malhotra has raised the issue of India’s nouveau riche billionaires and even the Indian government, sponsoring and giving awards to US scholars of Indology and Hinduism even though some of these scholars actually produce works which denigrate falsely India’s native culture. This includes the likes of Columbia University’s Sheldon Pollock who has claimed absurdly that Hitler was essentially a Hindu and thus trying to blame Hinduism for Nazism [BI] N5. Such is the depth of the inferiority-complex and self-hatred in Westernized Indians that any association with prestigious Western institutions, however condescending and misleading their research, is nonetheless displayed as a badge of honour by the fawning Indian bandor lok! It is interesting to note how Yale University was founded by with the fruits of the corruption of ex-EIC man Elihu Yale who was sacked by the EIC but allowed to keep his ill-begotten gains [JD]. Although brought up as a Christian in India, Crasta makes the following observation (which is especially pertinent in regard to my own work which established the scientific basis of Indian metaphysics) [RC]:
What a yogic feat, what a giant leap for one of the world’s oldest, greatest, and philosophically exalted cultures: from becoming one with Brahman... impressing the whites... we have surrendered our souls to white worship... and self-hatred... Inside our heads, Indian civilization has been defeated by Western values and materialism.

            There is a clear tendency in Western academia and intellectual circles to conflate falsely ‘European’ with ‘Scientific’, as if the fact that a scholar is European automatically grants ‘scientific status’ and hence supposed legitimacy to their ideas. This is clearly seen in appeals to the supposed authority of Immanuel Kant in regard to the Western denial of even the possibility that humans can transcend sensory and conceptual knowledge to attain a Third Mode of Direct, Unmediated Knowledge of the Metaphysical or the Noumenal (things as they are in themselves – as opposed to mediated percepts). My interpretation of Enlightenment as a ‘Retreat-toward the Brainstem’ (‘Unhumanization’) undermines Kant’s naive belief. Western Kantians appealing to Kant’s belief as indisputable fact (such as anti-Perennialist Stephen Katz), rarely ever mention how Kant arrived at his conclusions [it is simply assumed that Kant 'proved' this]. In his recent book Kant’s Transcendental Proof of Realism Kenneth Westphal actually argues that Kant’s little-discussed method of “transcendental reflection” (used in the Critique of Pure Reason to (supposedly) justify the necessary a priori conditions for self-conscious human experience) does not actually support Kant’s ‘Transcendental Idealism’ but rather Realism. Kant’s actual method involved merely speculative ‘thought-experiments’ [KW].

            Indian yogic philosophy knew of the Time/Space matrix of Perception generated by the flow of the Inner Light (and of its transcendence in deeper states of Consciousness) millennia before Kant, based on actual phenomenological disclosures (not speculation). As we have seen, Husserl’s co-worker Eugen Fink rediscovered this ‘Time/Space Matrix’ in his analysis of Husserl’s phenomenological disclosures in the 1930s [RBr]. The fact that Realism is an untenable epistemology, as recent Cognitive Science research demonstrates, need not concern us. The fact remains that Kant’s arguments are based on unsubstantiated and tenuous speculation rather than facts-of-experience. After his Nature Mystical experience of Ego Dissolution, the great physicist Ernst Mach (the 'Godfather of the New Physics' who inspired the likes of Einstein and Heisenberg to challenge conventional assumptions) realised that Nature was sentient (Panpsychic) and that Kant’s notions of unknowable noumena and an unchanging ego were nonsense. Mach had a deep interest in Buddhism and Indian Philosophy [DSk, SG]. Presumably inspired by his mystical experience, Mach put forward the first relativistic principle in modern Physics in relation to inertia. Similarly, inspired by Indian Tantric Philosophy and his friendship with Vivekananda, Nikola Tesla had wanted to demonstrate the energetic basis of matter before Einstein's 1905 work [JDo]. Immanuel Kant actually spent more time teaching on the (supposed) nature of Man than on Epistemology. Kant's hierarchical view of humans was that only Ancient Greeks and modern Western Europeans could be considered full persons [BBC4] and that negroes were only fit for beating severely into servitude [BAWB].

               Wilhelm and Rawlinson are not alone in arguing that Kant’s noumena/phenomena distinction was inspired by the Brahmanic Maya as it is essentially the same [W&R]. There is overwhelming evidence, commonly known at the time, proving that post-Kantian German (so-called) Transcendental Idealism was derived from the European translations of the Hindu Upanisads. The fact that both Heisenberg and Schrödinger (the latter having been an advocate of Advaita Vedanta from before his invention of the Wave Equation) have both claimed to have been partly inspired by Indian metaphysics in their invention of the revolutionary new Physics known as Quantum Mechanics in the 1920s can be seen as the culmination of this massive Indian influence on modern German thought which Schopenhauer had predicted would lead to a New Renaissance. It should not be surprising that Quantum Mechanics indicates a Space-Time transcending ‘Quantum Reality’ underlying material phenomena. Yet, as with the Hindu influences (e.g. vast time-scales, reincarnation as progressing through ever more complex forms etc.) and Indological (e.g. William Jones’ notion of a Common Ancestor of Indo-European languages) on the origins of the concept of Biological Evolution pointed out by Raymond Schwab in his Oriental Renaissance [RS], mainstream Western Historians and Philosophers of Science continue to suppress such Indian influences upon scientific ideas. As stated elsewhere, I found that Michel Bitbol had recently suppressed the Indian Vedantic world-view behind Schrödinger’s philosophical writings. Schrödinger stated explicitly that Quantum Mechanics reflects the Unity and Continuity of Vedanta - in fact, Schrödinger was the first physicist to emphasize the radically new, deeper Wholeness/Interconnectedness underlying the world of seemingly-separate phenomena implied by Quantum Mechanics and, in his communications with Einstein, coined the term Entanglement).

            Similarly, we have seen that mainstream Western academic Philosophy rejects the notion of Pure (objectless) Consciousness due to its dogmatic adherence to (Catholic theologian turned psychological philosopher) Franz Brentano’s illogical (Scholasticism-influenced) notion of ‘Intentionality’ (that Consciousness is always ‘consciousness-of-an-object) which the likes of Robert Forman and Jean-Paul Sartre have rubbished. Forman points out the fact that, were Consciousness not distinguishable from its content, we could not even conceive the thesis of intentionality. As Sartre said, ‘intentionality’ is the notion that we are confronted with a concrete presence which is not-Consciousness. Forman also points out that neither Brentano nor Husserl asserted that all experiences were intentional, they were only referring to a class of mental phenomena [RF]. We have seen that the actual Bio-Medical knowledge of the RAS contributing to the ‘Arousal’ component of Consciousness as distinct from the ‘Content-of-Consciousness’ (which Medicine assumes comes solely from the cerebral cortex) immediately constitutes strong evidence against the tenability of the mainstream Western dogma of Intentionality! This same Arousal/Content distinction also undermines the Constructivist thesis repeatedly regurgitated by anti-Perennialist scholars of Religion that there cannot be a Universal Spirituality based on the Common-core Mystical Experience of the Inner Light (which is near-identical across traditions) as there exists no ‘Unmediated’ or ‘Unconditioned’ mental process. This argument is again asserted without any basis in scientific facts. The RAS actually constitutes exactly such an ‘Unconditioned’ (i.e. it is not conditioned or altered by cultural indoctrinations) and ‘Universal’ (i.e. it is the same in all humans) brain process. Thus once again dogmatic assumptions of mainstream Western academics are undermined by actual scientific facts!

   Although very naive in many of their philosophical arguments (such as dismissing the existence of yogic Pure Consciousness and ignorance of the mystical basis of Plato's metaphor of the cave etc.), in their introduction to Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought, Lakoff and Johnson make a very pertinent argument against the fashionable 'Postmodern' Relativism that is bandied about by so many Humanities academics. They state, "The mind is not merely embodied but embodied in such a way that our conceptual systems draw largely upon the commonalities of our bodies and of the environments we live in. The result is that much of a person's conceptual system is either universal or widespread across languages and cultures. Our conceptual systems are not totally relative and not merely a matter of historical contingency, even though a degree of conceptual relativity does exist...(emphasis mine) [L&J]. In fact, it becomes quite clear from my Retreat-to-the-brainstem interpretation of enlightenment as to why mystical traditions from around the world resemble each so dramatically in their deepest, most advanced stages. The superficial experiences are based in the highly differentiated cortex where cultural conditioning has a major influence. However, as the mystic's ego subtilizes into deeper structures of the brain the experiences become radically similar as they involve the deeper brain structures, especially the brainstem, and universal processes common to all humans. Thus the Perennialists argue for a Common Core Universal Mysticism based on mystical experiences of The Light which bear such strong cross-cultural similarities.These deep, common universal processes are what Jung referred to as 'archetypes'.

            In 2008 I discussed the absurdities (rewarded with honours from US academia) peddled by the so-called ‘Queen of Hinduism Studies’ from Chicago University (it is not only economic absurdities peddled by the Chicago mob!) Wendy Doniger (O’Flaherty) in my comments concerning the book Invading the Sacred entitled “Undermining the Walls of the Ivory Towers of White Mythology” (see I have provided there a vast amount of actual scientific facts undermining the long-discredited secularized Kabbalistic superstitions peddled as ‘science’ by that fraud and charlatan Sigmund Freud. As mentioned there, Doniger is not alone in claiming ‘scientific status’ for her absurd reduction of Hindu myths to Freudian ‘it’s all about sex’ nonsense.

            Given such deeply entrenched prejudices and bias in Western academia (as elaborated below), there is little surprise that such views also permeate the mainstream Western media. In 2009 the London Times had an article about the well-known BBC TV Naturalist David Attenborough supposedly seeking a ‘New Darwin’. I put up a comment below the on-line article pointing out how my RAS-brainwave correlate of the Divine Light and Science-Mysticism synthesis has far more profound implications for humanity’s understanding of both our place in the Cosmos and in terms of undermining religious superstitions than the works of Darwin had. The Times website refused to allow my comment to remain until I sent an email to the editor complaining about this brazen bias and pointing out the quotes from distinguished science professors I had received in regard to my work. I even sent a print copy of the evidence for the RAS correlation and quotes from professors etc. to Attenborough but, not surprisingly, he did not respond. As numerous writers have pointed out, mainstream Western scientists and intellectuals go into a psychological mode of Denial when confronted with facts that contradict their dogmatically-held belief in Materialism (and also their subliminal prejudices in regard to non-European knowledge).

            BBAB also undermines Postmodern scholar Richard King’s claims in his Orientalism and Religion to dismiss the (supposedly self-aggrandizing) Neo-Hindu claim [also made by Perennialists such as Aldous Huxley] that Advaita Vedanta represents a rational, Universal Spirituality [RK]. King is ideologically hidebound to H.G. Gadamer’s absurd ‘hermeneutic’ relativism which imagines that the ‘anything goes’ interpretations of Literary Criticism of poetry and novels [where the interpreter can make up any interpretation they choose] can also be applied in serious, philosophical/scientific disciplines [as if there are no universal facts]! As with other so-called 'Existentialists' Gadamer's own ontological preconceptions were based on Heidegger's early work Being and Time which was never in fact finished and Heidegger himself, unlike Existentialists, moved on from such inchoate notions. Gadamer, as with other non-scientific Humanities scholars, also apotheosizes Language as if it is more fundamental than Consciousness! Interestingly, Dallmayr tells us that Heidegger himself later came to see his more mature thought* as according with Buddhist views [FD]. King also imagines that Nargarjuna’s views contradict Perennial Philosophy with its Universal Ground Consciousness, when, as Herbert Guenther points out [HG], Tibetan Buddhists view Nagarjuna’s Middle Way as the worst form of Logical Reductionism and have no problem with Perennialism. Western Buddhophiles love Nagarjuna’s ideas as it appeals to their own Reductionistic preconceptions of what Buddhism should be rather than what it really is. The great Chinese Buddhist patriarch Tsung-mi also dismissed the pseudo-profundity of Nagarjuna’s negative word-mongering as appealing to those who failed to attain actual experience of the (unborn and uncreated) Ground Consciousness [RMG].

*Heidegger's philosophy was largely an attempt to reinterpret the theology of the likes of Thomas Aquinas and (the great mystic) Meister Eckhart in phenomenolgical terms. In BBAB, I show that the late Heidegger's ereignis dynamics of lichtung (Lighting) process underlying the human 'lifeworld' (i.e. egoic existence) are a reformulation of the perennial myth of the upwelling fountain-like Godhead; in Heidegger's speculations (having rejected Husserl's correlation of Being and Consciousness), this fundamental 'Lighting' is an upwelling of Being and Time.

            In 2008 I wrote a scathing critique of Fred Dallmayr’s supposedly Postmodern Beyond Orientalism: Essays on Cross-Cultural Encounter. Dallmayr began by restating Gadamer’s 1989 claim that ‘Unity in Diversity’ was intrinsic to Europe and Europe should teach this to other civilizations. In fact, the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ was coined in the early 20th Century by British Indologist Vincent Smith to refer to the Hindu Tradition and was widely used by Indians including Jawarharlal Nehru as something other civilizations should copy from India. Once again, a positive aspect of non-European culture has been misappropriated and presented as European. German-born Dallmayr also referred to possible caste hierarchy influences behind Sankara’s philosophy whilst keeping quiet on the actual Nazism of his hero Martin Heidegger to whom he referred repeatedly in the book! Interestingly, Dallmayr mentioned that his old friend Wilhelm Halbfass (author of India and Europe: An Essay in Philosophical Understanding) had late in life turned towards the (language-analysis obsessed) Anglo-American Analytical Philosophy [the epitome of anal-retentive modern Western Logical Reductionism which any impartial observer would recognize has proven to be a blind alley in which western logicians find themselves having stuck their heads up their own backsides]. Such Anglo-American Analytics have also suppressed the explicit positive references to Mysticism in Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus *[AS].

*In O/OM I mentioned how Bertrand Russell had been shaken by the early Wittgenstein's Logical Reductionist dogmatism (with its 'Gospel of Exactness') and Russell, referring to Tagore, dismissed Indian Philosophy as vague, meaningless nonsense. In contrast, Wittgenstein himself was to mature philosophically and, in the 1920s and 30s would turn his back on the Logic Reductionists of the Vienna Circle and read out loud from Tagore's (mysticism-infused) poetry!

            The US academic ‘philosopher’ Richard Rorty peddled Literary Criticism style writings posing as serious philosophical analysis. In the conference proceedings book of the University of Hawaii’s 6th East-West Philosophers’ gathering entitled Culture and Modernity [C&M], Rorty’s LitCrit essay on Heidegger, Dickens N6 and Kundera was given pride of place as the opening essay. Rorty was famous for his absurd Eliminative Materialism which denies the actual existence of Consciousness (as in fact does the quite obviously false Galilean ontology underlying Natural Science). Rorty also coined the pejorative phrase ‘folk psychology’ used by Materialists to pretend that one is more scientifically-literate, philosophically sophisticated and less naive than one’s opponents and used cynically and misleadingly by Materialist philosophers to dismiss opponents without argument. In his Culture and Modernity essay, Rorty claimed to dismiss the Transcendentalist mystical notions of philosophers such as Heidegger and the Brahmins (to ‘penetrate the veil of appearances’) using the vacuous Kabbalistic superstitions of Sigmund Freud (i.e. mystical philosophers were supposedly sublimating the (actually imaginary) Freudian libido in order to pretend that they were more manly than the warriors! Alongside the superstitions of Freud, Rorty reduced human beings to Skinner’s Behaviorist pigeons claiming that there is nothing more (such as mystical experience) than pleasure and pain! Yet such pseudo-scientific gibberish claiming to disprove the claims of mystical philosophers as being but self-aggrandizing fraud was given pride-of-place in a conference in which philosophers from the East were supposed to be in constructive dialogue with their Western counterparts! The mystical basis of most Eastern philosophy was thus rubbished on pseudo-scientific grounds (posing as scientific – as the proven fraud Freud and ultra-Reductionist Skinner were both Westerners) without any challenge in Culture and Modernity.

       I would add here that academics in Indian Philosophy are, almost always, scientifically illiterate and churn out vacuous papers based on etymological renderings of Sanskrit terms. I recall reading a few years ago a book of papers on Indian philosophy and Phenomenology by the late well-known Indian Philosophy academic turned Husserlian J.N. Mohanty. The papers would have been incomprehensible to the layman. After ploughing through the entire book I cannot recall finding a single useful insight presented by Mohanty. Anyway, the point is that the counter-arguments and facts which undermine the sort of pseudo-scientific rubbish claiming to prove that mystical experiences are made-up fantasies peddled by the likes of Rorty are not possessed by scientifically-illiterate academics in Indian Philosophy. Indeed, the only real source of incisive counter-arguments to these anti-mystical myths peddled dogmatically by the mainstream Westerners is my work undermining the views of Kant, Brentano, Constructivism and Jung (see 'Historical Firsts' point 10 - my work actually explains in scientifically valid and epistemologically consistent arguments how phenomenological introspection can indeed reveal profound ontological and cosmological insights).

Western Pretensions to Universality and the False Propaganda of the bloodless rise of Western Capitalism through the fair competition of the ‘Free Market’

The Oneness/Otherness Mystery grew out of a 500 quatrain sutra (aphoristic philosophical poem) written in 1991. One of the factors that inspired this sutra and the later prose work elaborating on its key themes was my deep urge to respond to a lecture entitled “Our Universal Civilization” (reprinted in early 1991 the New York Review of Books) by that over-praised and richly rewarded (British Knighthood and Nobel Prize) panderer to Western preconceptions, V.S. Naipaul (the Trinidadian of Bihari N7 origin who, as his old friend-turned critic Paul Theroux revealed, sees himself as being an English country squire). 1991 was the year of the collapse of the USSR, George Bush Senior ranting about a New World Order and Francis Fukuyama’s fantasies of final American global triumph based on Hegel’s Kabbalistic N8 End-of-History hogwash. Naipaul argued along the lines that Western civilization had assimilated all aspects of human culture into its integral, all-absorbing culture. Similarly Indian Capitalist Gurchuran Das writes in his more recent India Unbound  - a book which regurgitates British ‘Free Market’ myths about why India did not industrialize in the 19th Century [GD]: If we [Indians] could only accept that a great deal of modern Western culture is no longer the property of the West but a universal, critical way of thinking which belongs to all rational, civilised human beings.

  European imperial power, as described by Edmund Burke and other apologists for Colonialism, was predicated on the assumption of European Universality [ND]. In his Another Reason, Science and the Imagination of Modern India, Bengali Leftist Princeton University historian Gyan Prakash says that the British saw  empirical sciences as universal knowledge, free from prejudice and charged with the mission to demystify the ‘superstitious’ world of the natives, secularizing their religious world view and rationalizing their society. Referring to French Postmodernist Bruno Latour’s assumption that European Modernity was forged before Colonialism, Prakash says that it is hard for Western scholars to learn that Western Modernity was forged through colonial and imperial domination [GP]. And as James Morris stated at the head of his chapter on the British extermination of the native Tasmanians in Heaven’s Command: An Imperial Progress, “Empire was Race” [JM].

            The Western Capitalist triumphalism of 1991 emphasized the Red Terror inflicted by Stalin and Mao. In response to the fantasies of Free Market economics peddled by Capitalist propagandists, I pointed out in O/OM that the rise of the Capitalist ‘World Market’ and Britain’s Industrial Revolution were based on far worse atrocities, enslavement and genocide than the Red Terror of the Communists. The barbaric genocide and enslavement of the natives of the Americas by the Spaniards, Portuguese and the British was covered up. The reader is referred to Eduardo Galeano’s classic Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of Pillage of a Continent [EG]. The enslavement and genocide of millions of natives in the silver mines of Potosi, Bolivia played a key role in the modern development of Europe. The vast plunder of gold and silver from the natives of Mexico and South America were instrumental in Europe’s rise. As 21st Century Europe plunges into economic crisis, politicians keep rehashing short-sighted rhetoric about restoring GDP growth but few admit that the shift towards true Free Competition across the globe means that the West can no longer keep the non-European poor and subservient through its Colonial plunder and Neo-colonial exploitation of military and financial dominance.

            In O/OM I had included a quote from George Kennan, who in 1947 was made the first director of the US State Department’s Policy Planning Staff by George Marshall (famous for the vast economic reconstruction aid given to post-war Europe by the Americans which bears his name). In a once top secret memo, Kennan wrote [RBo]:
...we have about fifty per cent of the world’s resources but only 6.3 per cent of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security... We should cease to talk about vague and – for the Far East – unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of living standards, and democratization.
Note once again the racist Anglo-American discrimination between aiding White Europeans and holding down in poverty the peoples of Asia as with Winston Churchill (‘Winnie-the-Shit’) during the War who diverted food from the victims of the ‘Bengal Holocaust’ he inflicted to stockpile in Britain supposedly to feed White Italians (Axis enemies) and Greeks although the primary reason for hoarding so much food was so that Britain could manipulate world food prices post-war to its own advantages. He also wanted to renege on Britain’s £2billion War Debt to India just as the Brits had done after the 1914-18 European conflict when they devalued the Rupee [MM]. Note also how in 1971 the USA supported the racist genocide of up to 3 million Bengalis (Muslims and Hindus) and the mass gang rape of hundreds of thousands of Bengali women in so-called 'East Pakistan' by the (West) Pakistan army before the Liberation of Bangladesh by the Indian Army with the support of Soviet Navy in the Bay of Bengal. Not only did the USA (and the UK) send warships (the US 7th Fleet led by the USS Enterprise*) into the Bay of Bengal to support the genocidal Pakistani military dictatorship, it also urged the genocidal dictator Mao Zedong to invade India again from occupied Tibet. The USSR threatened Mao's China with an attack on its own Northern borders in order to prevent this cynical (but typical) Chinese aggression.
*In the fictional Star Trek, the crew of the starship USS Enterprise battle against a 'baddie' leader from Punjab called Khan. The real ship USS Enterprise was supporting the genocidal dictator Yahya Khan. In 1971 it was Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in charge of US policy. However, back in 1962 when Mao invaded Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh, John F. Kennedy had staunchly backed India sending the aircraft carrier task force led by the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk into the Bay of Bengal along with massive airlifts of military supplies to India and unconfirmed reports of US military personnel including pilots. The Chinese generals who had beaten back the UN forces in Korea repeated such tactics against India and the USA supposedly responded by preparing to establish a Korean-war style coalition of US, British, Canadian and Australian forces. In response to Indian requests, the US had plans for a large military aid package [which fell through due to JFK's assassination in 1963 and again due to Nehru's death in 1964]. JFK's support for India (Indophile J.K. Galbraith was his ambassador in Delhi) played a key role in the Chinese withdrawal from Arunachal Pradesh back to the McMahon Line. The Chinese had timed their invasion to coincide with the Cuban missile crisis hoping that the superpowers would be distracted, but were surprised by the rapid US response. The USA also pressurized its ally Pakistan not to take advantage of the Chinese attack with another invasion of Kashmir. Of course, The Chinese claims to Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh are predicated on China's brutal imperialist occupation of Tibet.

  Contrary to US myths of heroic White Settler-Colonialists and ‘the plough that broke the plains’ etc., mass European settlement of North America would have been impossible had the forests not been cleared, swamps drained etc. by Black African slave chain gangs in the early centuries of European colonization. Indeed, prior to the 19th Century, more African slaves had been transported to the USA than free White settlers [VGK]. As with the British, the ‘American Way’ is actually one based on Slavery and Genocide. The Atlantic Slave Trade with its genocide and barbaric atrocities was the main source of revenue for Britain prior to the Industrial Revolution. Western ports like Liverpool and Bristol were built from the profits of the slave trade. From 1773 until 1907 Britain forcibly offloaded opium onto the Chinese population against the will of Chinese authorities (including two Opium Wars in the name of ‘Free Trade’) which accounted for about one seventh of Britain’s export earnings. Prior to British conquest and plunder, much of the silver looted from the Americas went to India in payment for India’s highly prized textiles.

            The Industrial Revolution itself was closely linked to massive scale British genocide and atrocities in India, with the enslavement and de-industrialization of India. About one third of the population of Bengal (including then Bihar and Orissa), some ten million Indians, died in the Great Bengal Famine of 1770 due to the brutal plunder of India’s wealth by the East India Co. (EIC) and it hoarding of foodgrains for profit etc. The English needed an excuse for their aggressive imperial expansionism so Thomas Macaulay hyped up the mythology of the so-called ‘Black Hole of Calcutta’, the death of a few British prisoners of war held overnight in the Britishers’ own prison-dungeon in Fort William, as the “worst crime in history” [ND/JD]. In 1915 the respected historian J.H. Little reassessed the records of the incident and found that only 9 people had been locked up in the prison cell and 3 of them had died from battle wounds [JD]. The Black Hole as the Worst Crime in History myth used to be drummed into British schoolchildren to indoctrinate them with the barbaric nature of Indians. In fact most of the victims of the ‘Black Hole’ incident were Indians. The racist Brits had evacuated most of the White people from Calcutta. One of the evacuation ships famously refused to let on board Mary Carey, the half-caste wife of a Briton, who, like most victims, survived imprisonment in the ‘Black Hole’. John Zephaniah Holwell, the temporary Governor of Bengal propounded the Black Hole myth to cover his tracks in delaying surrender of Calcutta resulting in many unnecessary casualties [JD].

            Holwell himself wrote of the vestiges of the beauty, purity, piety, regularity, equity and strictness of ancient [pre-Mughal] Hindu government still visible in Bengal. In Hindu Bengal the traveller became the immediate care of the government and was allotted guards by Rajas, free of charge, to escort him within the territory. Property and liberty was inviolate and no robberies were heard of [DN]. I have noticed that a number of leading British Theosophists and New Agers actually come from families who made their fortunes in India under either the British State Chartered Corporation known as the East India Company (EIC) or the later formal British occupying regime of the Raj. Indeed, nearly all the families in the British Establishment had sons working for, or investments in the EIC [NR]. The fortunes of many leading families were made from eastern trade. Thomas Pitt, founder of the political dynasty, was a rogue ‘interloper’, a freelance trader in India and Persia. Even after the EIC was wound-up after the 1857 Revolt, Indians were forced to provide funds for the compensation to the British shareholders. In his The Corporation that Changed the World [NR] Nick Robins has summarized many of the barbaric crimes perpetrated by EIC in order to enrich Britain’s leading families. It was the EIC that forced Indian farmers to grow opium which the British then forced upon China for 130 years until 1907*. This is another reason why some British New Agers have tried to suppress publicity for my O/OM as one prominent Wilber-worshipping New Ager is from an aristocratic family which made its fortune through the EIC. Oliver Knowles OBE, who reviewed O/OM for the Alister Hardy Centre for the Study of Religious Experience at Oxford, was highly impressed by my metaphysical work. Nonetheless, he tried to rubbish me because O/OM provided a glowing tribute to Subhas Chandra Bose who led the Indian National Army which fought with the Japanese against the Brits. He also objected to my sympathetic treatment of the Japanese who were only copying what the European colonialists had done before them in Asia. I later found out that Knowles had fought against the Japanese (and INA). However, with the publication of Mike Davis’s Late Victorian Holocausts I was able to counter Knowles’ one-sided demonization of the Japanese treatment of Prisoners of War as hypocrisy given the Buchenwald-like Death Camps in which the British had starved to death Indian famine victims!
*The Americans also got in on the profitable Opium peddling to China (usually called the 'China Trade' to disguise the true nature). Franklin Delano Roosevelt's grandfather Warren Delano, the Forbes family (as in John Forbes Kerry) and the Astors were involved in the Opium peddling.

  The Ruin of Bengal and the economic Credit Crunch that ensued in Europe led Adam Smith to postpone publication of his Wealth of Nations [NR]. In his recent Debt: The First 5,000 Years, David Graeber has debunked many of the long-discredited myths concocted by Adam Smith which are still peddled as historical truths by NeoLiberal Economists. This includes the myth that most transactions in primitive societies were conducted by barter (proven to be false almost 100 years ago) and Graeber also demonstrates that, far from being spontaneous, self-organizing natural phenomena, many major ‘Markets’ were actually created deliberately by imperial governments. Some of the famous arguments which Westerners claim were invented by Smith were actually copied from Islamic scholars such as al-Tusi (whom Copernicus also copied) [DG]. In his Debunking Economics, Australian Steve Keen shows how orthodox NeoLiberal economics is rooted in the most absurd, totally illogical assumptions based on single individuals, and single companies and excluding crucial factors such as Debt. The mathematical models used by NeoLiberals are outdated secondary school static models (in contrast to the dynamic chaos-based models used in real science) totally inadequate for the task yet these NeoLiberals are still given the Bank of Sweden’s pseudo-Nobel Prize for work that is often just bullshit. As with mainstream Western science, the NeoLiberal orthodoxy suppresses and denounces critics as heretics [SK]. Non Neo-Liberals such as Keen actually predicted the 2008 Great Recession but I still heard Alan Greenspan (an initiate of the cult of Ayn Rand) saying on the 2013 History Channel TV series The Men Who Built America that the 2008 crisis had been totally unforeseeable!

            Contrary to British propaganda about the Industrial Revolution, there was no real ‘Free Market’. Superior Indian competition in textiles was destroyed by tariff barriers, mafia-like extortion rackets by the EIC (including breaking the fingers and cutting off the thumbs of Indian weavers) and other atrocities (see also quote from H.H. Wilson below). India was turned into a Captive Market for British industrial produce, de-industrialized and plantationized into a massive source of raw materials and imperially-extorted financial tribute (so-called ‘Home Charges) which made-up for Britain’s actual trade deficits with the likes of Germany and the USA in Victorian times. Britain made itself the richest nation on Earth by destroying India’s once-successful export economy and pauperizing the vast majority of Indians who lived off the land. This turned India, famed throughout History for its wealth, into a land of poverty-stricken peasants (90% forced to live on the edge of starvation) with British theft of India’s wealth and foodgrains for export (under the supposedly ‘Natural Laws of Free Trade’) and British racism leading to the genocide of tens of millions of Indians in dozens of man-made famine holocausts from 1770 to 1943 (see below).

            Industrial development in India was suppressed so that Britain could continue profiting from dumping its often inferior goods onto India (whilst competitors were excluded). The oldest Royal Navy warship still afloat is HMS Trincomalee built of teak by Indian shipbuilders in Bombay in 1817. Such Indian competition was stifled by British shipbuilders who could lobby Parliament. Even as late as the turn of the 19th Century English experts pronounced Indian wootz steel as the best in the world and the British copied it as they had copied Indian textile techniques and designs (e.g. the Paisley design is actually from Kashmir). The much-vaunted railways in India were a means of enriching British investors buy promising guaranteed profits (regardless of market factors) paid by Indians with all the manufacturing done in Britain. The railways were built to facilitate troop movements after 1857 and to expedite the plunder of resources for export via the ports so as to profit Britain at India’s expense.

            Galeano tells of how in the 1840s, Paraguay had industrialized with factories, telegraph, railroads and foreign technicians, leading to massive social reforms and eradication of poverty. Paraguay became the richest country in Latin America and free from dependence on British manufactures and build its own trade surplus. This frightened the British as Paraguay’s example might be followed by other Latin American states. Thus in 1865 the British began a proxy war, led by Argentina and Brazil against Paraguay, killing over five-sixths (yes 5/6) of the Paraguayan population and turning the richest Latin American state into the poorest. Brazil and Argentina seized territory from Paraguay but were themselves ruined financially by the lengthy invasion and heroic Paraguayan resistance. The brutal invasion was financed from start to finish by Barings and Rothschild’s banks and Brazil and Argentina became increasingly dependent upon their British puppeteers [EG]. In the 1830s, Egypt under Mohammed Ali had become the second most industrialized country in the world, but this modernization programme was soon halted and reversed by the British colonialists whose White Supremacist ideology underpinned their imperialism. This is how the so-called‘First World’ and ‘Third World’ actually came into being.

            In regard to Western Pretensions to Universality, O/OM showed that far from incorporating all aspects of human existence into its supposedly rational, scientific world-picture, modern Western science was still rooted in Christian superstitions and had suppressed a vast range of anomalous human experience which could not be reduced into its idealized, reductionist models based on abstracting only the regular dynamical behaviour of natural phenomena which could be modelled mathematically (such as the motion of planets or cannonballs). Consciousness, Creativity and Insight, Mind-Body interactions, paranormal psychic phenomena and other occult and mystical phenomena had been brushed under the carpet. These phenomena are not merely the superstitious fantasies of primitive societies but actual realities which have been confirmed in numerous scientific studies and the personal experiences of numerous scientists and scientifically-educated people. Modern Western society has made discussion of such topics taboo and made a dogma out of its reductionist, Materialist (nowadays actually Physicalist N9) metaphysics. The western scientific establishment behaves in much the same way as its medieval Christian theologian predecessors in denouncing as ‘heresy’ facts that contravene the false world-picture and dogmas it indoctrinates into initiates. As I demonstrate using remarkably simple arguments in BBAB, the ‘Physical World’ of modern western science is not real, it exists only in the imagination of believers.

Dawkins champions White Supremacist Myth of the ‘Greek Miracle’ and the ‘Intellectual Elvis Syndrome’ in Western New Agers’ hyping-up Ken Wilber

In his otherwise highly Eurocentric and myth-ridden The Unnatural Nature of Science (1992, reprinted 2000), rehashing the myth of the Greek Miracle, South-African born biologist Lewis Wolpert makes a valid point that Modern Science is based on mathematical modelling of natural phenomena unlike the empirical, trial-and-error methods behind earlier technological innovations. Wolpert’s emphasis on mathematical modelling is exaggerated. It should be recognized that he is co-editor of the Academic Press Journal of Theoretical Biology. Forty years ago Edinburgh University Press was publishing a series of volumes entitled Towards a Theoretical Biology whose contributors dreamt of lifting Biology onto a par with Theoretical Physics. This shows that the Mechanistic model of the old Newtonian physics, however inappropriate, remains the exemplar for other Natural Sciences. Even today, mathematical modelling does not play a central role in Biology. Wolpert appears frequently in the British media rubbishing unorthodox ‘Complementary’ medicine and New Age type ideas as ‘psychobabble’. Ironically, he also wrote in the newspapers about how he took the controversial drug Seroxat for depression and was too scared to come off it!

             Richard Milton tells us that Wolpert was Chairman of Britain’s COPUS, the Committee on the Public Understanding of Science. This was run jointly by the Royal Society, the Royal Institution and the British Association for the Advancement of Science. It was composed of self-elected guardians of the established institutional scientific orthodoxy, essentially Reductionism. Milton adds that the Committee does not explain how, scientifically, it can know in advance that a Reductionist explanation will answer all the questions of Science. Indeed, such a belief is a form of ‘mysticism’ (i.e. claiming precognition). Wolpert disclosed his own mindset when he told the Sunday Times, “Open minds are empty minds” (emphases mine) [RM]. I had Wolpert in mind when I wrote in O/OM of those who think that dismissing opposing views curtly as absurd in a loud upper middle class English schoolmaster-like voice is sufficient to resolve metaphysical problems! Wolpert was the Scientific Advisor/Director to Academic Press, part of the larger scientific and medical publishing house for which I worked in the 1990s. I recall the almost exclusively female editorial staff, hired it seems primarily for their hostess skills (if not their looks) rather than scientific knowledge, fawning attitude toward this minor media figure when he came into the office.  

            In his book, Wolpert asserted falsely that only the Ancient Greeks used mathematical models and also claims falsely that Logic and Philosophy were invented by the Greeks [LW]. Speaking at the 1994 Publishers Association Centenary Conference, fellow ‘pop’ myth-peddler Richard Dawkins, quoted with approval Wolpert’s Eurocentric view of the unique invention of Science by the Greeks. Speaking about publishing Dawkins referred to ‘mystical rubbish’ and hoped that, for the next millennium, the publishing of mystical pseudo-science will wither away and be replaced by Astronomy and other genuine sciences [RD]. Geneticist Steve Jones agreed with Wolpert’s definition of what Science is in the right wing Daily Telegraph. The reviewer in the conservative Spectator (pre-Boris Johnson), quoted on the back cover gushed, “I can think of no book which explains science better...”. The reviewer for the, generally left-of-centre, weekly New Scientist found Wolpert’s arguments persuasive. In recent years Dawkins has tried to rubbish New Age Mysticism and Spirituality as dangerous irrational superstition, with no evidence to support it whatsoever, eroding the values of the Enlightenment in his UK Channel 4 programme Enemies of Reason. In this programme Dawkins presents the usual ‘straw men’ or uncritical believers at New Age Fairs offering Tarot, Aura photographs, Crystals etc. He turns to Satish Kumar, the ex-Jain monk turned editor the Gandhi-inspired (Small is Beautiful) Schumaker Society’s airy-fairy Resurgence magazine, and asks him, "What is Spirit?" Kumar’s totally unconvincing resposne included inchoate ramblings about the Unseen Reality and the supposed spiritual ‘essences’ of trees and rocks were typical of a Holy Man type, supporting the assertion that a well-developed intellect is a barrier to holiness.

Racist Classics: Ancient white shamans are ‘scientists’, non-European philosophers are superstitious mystics
In Classicist Bethany Hughes 2010 British TV programme on Athens Richard Janko, a Classics Professor at Michigan University, made the absurdly hyped-up claim that the theological-philosophical speculations in the Greek Derveni Papyrus of 414 b.c.e. were the origin of Modern Science. On the same programme, Professor Simon Goldhill from Cambridge rehashed stock Classics’ presentations of the Ancient Athenian thinkers as scientists. An Oxford Professor named David Lucas claimed falsely that the Greeks alone came up with the idea of atoms. Hughes herself, although pointing out Feminist critiques of Athens and of its Democracy, remains Eurocentric. In her programme on Alexandria she repeated the usual clichés about its Library being the largest in the world, containing precious mathematical treatises, and all the knowledge of the world[BH]. In fact the great Indian centre of learning at Taxila (where Alexander’s Macedonians had camped) possessed a library much larger than the Library of Alexandria. It was much older than Plato’s Academy at Athens and Taxila taught far more subjects (contra the claims of a Guardian journalist in Greece recently who stated that Plato’s Academy was the world’s first ‘university’).

            As if those civilizations living beyond the Mediterranean had nothing useful to add beyond what the ('superhuman', White) Greeks possessed. In 662 c.e.Syrian astronomer Severus Sebokht wrote [ALB]: I shall not now speak of the knowledge of the Hindus.... of their subtle discoveries in the science of astronomy – discoveries even more ingenious than those of the Greeks and Babylonians – of their rational system of mathematics, or of their method of calculation which no words can praise strongly enough* – I mean the system of nine symbols. If these things were known by people who think that they alone have mastered the sciences because they speak Greek they would perhaps be convinced, though a little late in the day, that other folk, not only Greeks but also men of a different tongue, knew something as well as they.
*Cambridge Maths Professor John Barrow has written that the Indian Number System is the greatest intellectual invention ever made by humans. It is the nearest thing we have to an universal language. French mathematician and astronomer Pierre Simon Laplace wrote that the profound importance of the Indian Number System is no longer appreciated given that it appears to be so simple and that the genius of this invention was something beyond the scope of even the greatest Greek mathematicians, Archimedes and Apollonius.
Fourteen Centuries on, Dr Hughes has still not learnt this! C.P. Snow’s famous ‘Two Cultures’ argument regarding the ignorance of scientific understanding amongst Western Humanities academics is most relevant here. It would help if these ancient languages trained Classicists actually understood Science rather than imagining what Science is.

            Having read Martin Bernal’s critique of Classicists’ Eurocentric notion of the Greek Scientific Miracle [BAWB] and Hobson’s book [JH] in 2008 I spent a penny (literally one penny plus P&P) on an old copy of Wolpert’s book. I then metaphorically ‘spent a penny’ all over Wolpert’s book (so loved by Dawkins), writing a trenchant critique debunking countless myths that he peddled in it. I emailed my critique to him and others including professors Martin Bernal and J.M. Hobson. In the book, Wolpert claimed that the Greeks were the first to speculate along Monist lines and to reduce the diversity of phenomena to a few general principles (i.e. Empedocles’ immensely influential theory of the Four Elements – Earth, Fire, Air and Water). It was primarily these (supposedly) Greek philosophical achievements that Wolpert claimed as the basis of the Greek Miracle [LW]. In fact it was the Brahmanical Upanisads, which predate the earliest Miletians, and constitute the world’s first conceptual ‘Philosophy’, that first put forward the notion of Transcendental Monism and the first form of the theory of Elements (panch bhuta) that parallels modern Physics in regard to the essential nature of Matter as created by the energetic vibrations of space which densifies into different states such as gases and solids. In contrast, Empedocle’s version is a useless museum relic!

            Joseph Campbell wrote that, at the beginning of the First Millennium b.c.e., a major shift occurred especially in India. Images began to be interpreted in terms of conceptual thinking [JC]. In his recent The Shape of Ancient Thought Thomas McEvilley argues, as many others have done before, that Transcendental Monism (which was not the mainstream Greek view) was transmitted to Greece from India where such ideas were already very widespread. The Yoga-like nature of mystical Greek philosophy has been played down particularly by English scholars [TM]. Bernal has written of how the likes of Scot James Mill and German Schleiermacher tried to decontaminate Plato of Oriental influences, mysticism and links with the later distinctly mystical, Egypt-based NeoPlatonism [BAWB]. David Yount’s recent book Plotinus the Platonist challenges this false delinking of Plato from Plotinus, especially by the English translators. Yount stresses that both teach essentially the same doctrines and that these are derived from a common source, mystical experience [DY].

            Numerous Ancient thinkers wrote of the Oriental origins of Greek Philosophy (see Goontilake, 1998). Back in 1936, E.R. Dodds insisted on the Oriental background of Greek culture from which it was never isolated save in the minds of Classical scholars [ERWT]. Peter Kingsley notes numerous Oriental sources of Greek Philosophy acknowledged by the ancient sources. However, given his focus on Empedocles, it is striking that Kingsley fails to mention the Indian origin of the ‘Elements’. McEvilley showed that the notion of the Elements developed gradually in the Vedas and Upanishads whereas they suddenly appear fully formed, without precursors, in Greek thought [TM]. Kinglsey criticizes Athenocentric Classics which ignored the fact that Greek Philosophy was part of a much broader Mediterranean tradition that continued in the Middle East under Arab Rule; but the non-European texts within the same overall tradition, some of which even elucidated the secretive practises, were ignored or derided by Eurocentric Classicists as Occultism etc. [PK]. The irony is that the first text on Alchemy was written by Zosimus of Panopolis, a Greek living in Egypt [PK/P&M]. Yates stresses that the Greeks, obsessed with theoretical study, ignored experimentation until the rise of Alchemy in Roman Egypt [FY]. We saw that al-Biruni derived the Islamic mystical Sufism from the Greek Sofia which actually refers to Divine Wisdom obtained in gnosis and not ordinary human wisdom. Plato’s own contemporaries accused him of plagiarizing the Pythagoreans, who, contrary to the claims of Classicists, had not disappeared by Plato’s time (Zosimus the Alchemist was associated with the Pythagorean tradition in the 4th Century c.e.) [PK]. Pythagoras famously learnt his doctrines from the Orientals, spending twenty two years studying in Egypt.

            In his 2005 book The Greek Concept of Nature published by SUNY [GN], Gerard Naddaff quotes without comment a fellow Classicist who referred to ancient Greeks doing “scientific research”. Naddaff failed to mention a fact mentioned by Kingsley [PK] that Empedocles, who was a Shamanic healer, claiming to be a Divine being etc. introduced these elements as the four ‘roots of all things’ associated with four divinities, Nestis, Aidoneus (Hades), Zeus and Hera. Through such suppression and distortion of facts, the European scholars transmute the Occultism of such Ancient Europeans into ‘Science’. Empedocles’ so-called “scientific” poem On Nature (Peri Physis) makes magical claims regarding powers such as controlling the wind and weather and leading the life-force of a dead man out of Hades. The section containing these claims has been hidden away at the end by Classics though it is more likely, as some claim, that this statement of the magical powers the poem reveals should of course go at the front [PK/GO]. C. H. Kahn has demonstrated that the very foundations of Empedocles’ “science” is mystical and revelatory [GO]. We could accuse the Classicists of practising interpretative Alchemy or Occultism!

            As we have seen, Western academics tend to presume that the arguments of White Men (regardless of how absurd their ideas may actually be) are ‘scientific’, ‘objective’ and ‘value free’ and ‘universal’ whilst non-Europeans’ views are labelled as Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, Afrocentric etc. as if the latter cannot be universal, scientific or objective. In reality, as Niels Bohr acknowledged in his Copenhagem Interpretation of Quantum Theory, Physics is not actually ‘objective’ but based on intersubjective consensus [Bd’E]. Bernal himself has been called the ‘Academic Elvis’ by Afro-Americans. The fact that Greeks including Herodotus stressed the Egyptian roots of Greek culture and philosophy had been pointed out by Afro-American scholars for a hundred years before Bernal’s 1980s Black Athena. But Western academia only paid attention when a white scholar repeated these arguments [JB]. Bernal tells us that the historian of Greek mathematics Thomas Heath asserts that Thales’ prediction of an eclipse in 585 b.c.e. was probably based on Babylonian observations known to Thales either directly or through Egyptian intermediaries. The Persians brought Mesopotamian ‘science’ to Egypt in the 6th Century b.c.e. [BAWB]. McEvilley says that Thales and Anaximander (both of Miletus) are both credited falsely with inventions actually imported from Mesopotamia or elsewhere . Herodotus and other ancient sources said Thales was in fact of Phoenician [Semitic] lineage, his father Examyes being a Carian [TM].The 7th Century b.c.e. is known as the Orientalizing Period in Greek history due to the intense Near Eastern influence [TM]. Most so-called Greek ‘science’ actually occurred in Ptolemaic Egypt (not part of Europe). Greek writers claimed that Greeks learnt much of their Geometry from the Egyptians although, says Bernal, Eurocentrists like Robert Palter refuse to accept this. Bernal says that Palter’s refusal to accept the ancient testimony about Eudoxus, a well-recorded figure, studying maths in Egypt shows his commitment to the Colonial Era isolationism. Palter still hankers after the notion of a “Greek miracle” [BAWB].

I noted amusingly how, unlike the closed-minded Wolpert, the actual ancient Greeks were open-minded to knowledge from other cultures whereas (Jewish-born) Wolpert’s attitude resembled more the orthodox Jewish dogmatists whom he lambasted in contrast to the Greek Free Thinkers. As if Free Thinkers did not exist outside of Ancient Greece, as in the numerous diverse philosophical schools Buddha encountered in India including Materialists and Atomists. Furthermore, the likes of Lee Smolin [LS] and Halton Arp [HA] have exposed the dogmatism of mainstream Science establishments behaving like Medieval Scholastics. Wolpert claimed that we first learn the names of individual thinkers with the Greeks. In fact, Obeyesekere, who also stresses the Oriental influences on the Greeks suppressed by Westerners, has demonstrated that our knowledge of Pythagoras is less historical and more mythological than his near contemporary Siddharta Gautama (the Buddha) in India. There are no complete records on Pythagoras until the NeoPlatonists in the 3rd and 4th Centuries c.e. almost a thousand years later [GO]. The names of numerous individual Indian thinkers are known in regard to Buddha’s debates with contemporaries and other Indian sources which go back long before the Greeks, including the sages who composed the Rg Veda and the Upanisads.

            Wolpert praised Pythagoras as a ‘proto-scientist’ [LW], failing to acknowledge that Pythagoras famously learnt his doctrines in the Orient. Mathematician Marcus de Sautoy also failed to mention this in his recent BBC TV series The Story of Maths. Whilst the theorem attributed dubiously to Pythagoras by Cicero is hyped, Wolpert and de Sautoy fail to mention thatthe actual Theoria of the Pythagoreans meant contemplation of the Divine Reality leading to purification of the soul [ERWT]. Wolpert, who loves to rubbish Complementary Medicine as Psychobabble, completely overlooked the fact Pythagoras practised such ‘arts’.  Ancient texts refer to Pythagoras drawing huge crowds as a healer and he was a diviner of dreams [PK]. Note that Pythagoras came from Samos on the Asiatic coast. Wolpert also emphasized the scientific mind of Hippocrates [LW]. Bernal has pointed out that most so-called ‘Greek science’ was undertaken in Afro-Asiatic colonies and there is even some evidence that Claudius Ptolemy and Hero of Alexandria were Hellenized Egyptians drawing on older Egyptian knowledge.

            Wolpert repeats the oft-cited but tenuous claim that scientific and technological innovation is linked to democracy [LW]. The fact that the Syracuse of Archimedes was a tyranny and that Nazi Germany was very innovative technologically goes unmentioned. Bethany Hughes showed that Black Magic played a key role at the heart of the (supposedly scientific) Athenians/Ancient Greek judicial system. Numerous magical charms and offerings were used to try to influence judgments [BH]. It used to be argued that the Greeks and Romans (supposedly) never industrialized as Slave Societies did not require labour-saving devices. Even if this were true (which of course it isn’t), it just emphasizes the fact that Classical Mediterranean societies (including the Hellenes) were not democratic but slaveholding oligarchies. The facts presented above and below show that, even had they faced a labour shortage, the Ancient Greeks could not possibly have made the scientific and technological advances made in Renaissance Europe.

            The small, cup-sized steam-powered spinning wheel of Hero of Alexandria (c.100 c.e.) was only seen as a toy [HP]. In his 2010 UK TV series Ancient Worlds, Historian and Archaeologist Richard Miles unwittingly gave a striking example that over 50 years after C.P. Snow’s The Two Cultures, Humanities academics continue to make ludicrous assertions in blissful ignorance of Science and also of the multifarious complexity of actual historical processes. Before trying to demonstrate the operation of a copy of Hero’s steam-wheel, Miles admitted that he was nervous because he was so bad at science at school that they barred him from taking the Chemistry and Physics Ordinary Level exams (presumably to avoid embarrassment to all concerned). Miles continued, saying that Hero thought of the device as a toy, but immediately added that, who knows, had Hero "worked out the principles", the Industrial Revolution might have occurred 2,000 years earlier than it did! Miles may have become a Classics professor but this statement reveals most professors of Classics need to be sent to the back of the class wearing Dunce caps. As if Hero could have just 'worked out the principles' whilst in ignorance of over 1700 years of mathematical, scientific, and technological advances that had yet to come into being. Anyone with an iota of learning and an impartial viewpoint can see that it would have been totally impossible for the Ancient Greeks to have created an Industrial Revolution!*
*Furthermore, even if a society possessed the Arithmetic, Algebra, Infinitesimal Calculus (all of Indian origin) and the later-developed modern European science and mechanical skills, this does not imply that an industrial revolution would have occurred. Scholars have pointed out that France was the leading scientific nation in the 18th Century but did not industrialize first. It was the peculiar socio-economic factors pertaining in Britain including the lack of wood for use as fuel, deep-mines for coal requiring steam pumps to remove water and the capital from its colonial plunder that led to Britain's industrialization. As H.H. Wilson stated in his 1853 revision of Mill's History of British India, Manchester's steam-powered textile industry could not have survived if Britain had not brutally and systematically destroyed competition from the cheaper, superior Indian textiles which had dominated the world market (see below). See above the British copying of Indian steel-producing techniques. The widespread dissemination of scientific knowledge in 18th Century Britain required the existence of the Printing Press. Printing came to the West with the Mongols. The famous Chinese scholar Hu Shih noted that book printing actually came to China with the Buddhist missionaries from India (the world's oldest extant printed book is a 9th Century Chinese translation of the Buddhist Diamond Sutra from Sogdian, which is now in Chinese-occupied Turkestan, but was part of the Persian Samanid Empire in the 9th Century). The Chinese did invent paper-making.

I was amused to read in 2010 that the well-known UK female newspaper columnist Julie Burchill had retorted to some misogynous remarks by Stephen Fry N11 by describing him rather aptly as ‘a stupid person’s idea of someone clever’. The following (four paragraph) passage is from Chapter 10 of BBAB (see also : ):

On a recent episode of the BBC’s supposedly very ‘highbrow’ quiz show QI (Quite Interesting), the smug and supercilious ‘know-all’ presenter Stephen Fry, claimed absurdly that modern Physics (i.e. that of Newton) would have been impossible without Euclid’s Geometry. Anyone with an iota of real understanding would know that modern Physics was actually based on Infinitesimal (or Differential) Calculus. US mathematician Charles Seife notes that the mathematical inventions of both Descartes and Newton would have been impossible without the new Indian maths, especially the Zero [58]. Contrary to Western presentations, subsets of Infinitesimal Calculus had been invented by the Keralan mathematician Madhava over 200 years before Newton and Leibniz [59, 60]. In fact there is strong evidence that Bhaskara II pioneered Differential Calculus in the 12thCentury, five hundred years before Newton [61].

              Westerners have suppressed the fact that Copernicus copied Arab mathematics such as the Urdi lemma and the Tusi couple in his astronomy. The Arabs had solved mathematical problems that had plagued the Greeks. Copernicus’ work contains identical notation and arbitrary details identical to al-Tusi [62]. Although Aristiarchus of Samos put forward a heliocentric model in the 3rd Century b.c.e., the details remained unknown to Renaissance Europe although Copernicus mentions Aristiarchus [63]. Nor did Aristiarchus have knowledge of ‘modern’ (i.e. largely Classical Hindu) mathematics. However, the Indian astronomer and mathematician Aryabhatta put forward a heliocentric model in which the Earth rotates around the stationary Sun around 499 c.e. over a thousand years before Copernicus’ supposed ‘revolution’ in 1542. In the 6th Century c.e., Varahamihira wrote the Brihatsamhita in which he stated that the moon rotates around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun [64]. In Sphutanirnaya Acyuta Pisarati (1550-1621) enunciated the reduction to the ecliptic that would be presented by Tycho Brahe (1546-1601). Pisarati later produced a simplified formula. In his Tantrasangraha (1500) Nikilantha Somasutvan (1444-1545) had a heliocentric scheme with eccentric orbits. He also revised models for Mercury and Venus not bettered until Kepler 100 years later. Tycho Brahe, at the end of the 16th Century, presented a similar model but Brahe formulated incorrectly the equations for the centres of Mercury and Venus [65]

              Aryabhatta invented the basics of modern Trigonometry. Aryabhatta’s work, the Aryabhatiya was translated into Latin in the 13th Century c.e. (long before Copernicus) allowing Europeans to learn Indian methods of calculating volumes of spheres, square and cube roots etc. [66] The 5th Century Indian mathematics of Aryabhatiya only appeared as ‘modern’ methods in Europe in 1546 and 1613 [67]. Aryabhatta put forward the notion of relative motion 900 years before Oresme in Europe [68]. Although Teresi claims that this Aryabhatiya translation did not influence the heliocentrism of Copernicus, Professor Martin Bernal suggested to me that the work of Swerdlow and Neugebauer on the mathematical astronomy in Copernicus [69] would indicate that Copernicus read a Greek translation of Aryabhatiya [70]. Teresi, himself of Sicilian origin, does however note that, for Galileo, Mathematics was Geometry and, contrary to Western textbook presentations, he did not use Algebra. Galileo never actually wrote the equation s=At2 [the 2 here should be superscript for 'squared'] but rather expressed his relation in ordinary written language [71]. Galileo had asserted famously that the ‘Book of the Universe’ was written in the language of Geometry. The West learnt ‘Algebra’ from the Arabs who learnt it from the Indian bijaganita not from Greek sources [72]. Al-Khwarizmi’s Hisab al-Jabr w’al-muqabala  (Calculation by Restoration and Reduction) was translated into Latin as Liber algebrae et almucaola in the 12th Century. [73]. The Arabs called the rules of computation hisab-al-Hind [74].

              In his famous 1817 paper on Hindu Algebra, H.T. Colebrooke examined the question, to whom the invention of algebraic analysis is due. He noted back then that it was highly unlikely that the same mathematician (i.e. al-Khwarizmi) who studied Indian Arithmetic and taught it to his Arabian brethren should have hit upon Algebra unaided by the older Hindu Algebra. Colebrooke noted that al-Khwarizmi had also translated an Indian Astronomical work which must have utilized Hindu Algebra. He then framed astronomical tables based on those of the Hindus. In the 5thCentury, perhaps earlier, the Hindus had already developed algebraic methods extending to the general solution of both determinate and indeterminate problems of the 1st and 2nd degrees. They subsequently advanced to the special solution of biquadratics wanting the second term and of some simple cubic equations [75]. In India and China mathematics was largely algebraic whilst in Greece, mathematics was typified by Geometry. Feminist Bethany Hughes’ hyped up the female Greek Hypatia’s contributions to algebra on her recent UK Channel 4 TV programme on Alexandria, whilst suppressing the fact that Hypatia was primarily a NeoPlatonist mystic. In fact, the Greeks had inherited Babylonian algebra but did not make any significant improvements to it [76]. A method of resolving maths problems by reduction to equations was not to be found in any Greek until Diophantus around 360 c.e. Colebrooke notes that Diophantus’s work is very far behind that of the Hindus. The Hindu Algebra was far superior to that of Diophantus, with a better and more comprehensive algorithm; management of equations with more than one unknown term; the resolution of equations of a higher order and anticipating the modern discovery of solutions for biquadratics; general methods for solution of indeterminate problems of 1st and 2nd degrees going far beyond Diophantus and anticipating discoveries by ‘modern’ (i.e. European) algebraists; and the application of Algebra to astronomical investigation and geometrical demonstration where again the medieval Hindus made mathematical discoveries and methods that were repeated centuries later in ‘modern’ Europe [77].

  Heinrich von Staden, who in the past was a Eurocentric Classicist, has recently come around to Bernal’s point of view. Von Staden points out that whereas Hippocrates’ treatise on sacred disease with its criticism of magic and divine causes has been repeatedly translated, there is no English translation of Hippocrates’ gynaecological treatises which are replete with the “otherness” of Greek science[BAWB].   In the 20th Century, many of the top ‘Western’ scientists were Jews. Although some may be descendants of Afro-Asiatic “Semites”, the Eastern-European Ashkenazi are in fact descendants of Hunnic and Turkic people from Central Asia. In either case, they are not of Germanic or Celtic origin. In fact, whilst Dawkins and Wolpert rubbish Mysticism and claims of paranormal phenomena, the likes of Parmenides, Pythagoras, Empedocles and Plato were not proto-scientists, as Eurocentrics try to present them, but shamanic healers, magicians and mystics. Chemistry came from Alchemy, Astronomy from Astrology and much Mathematics (including the concept of Zero) from numerological mysticism. In fact Kepler’s heliocentrism was based on his Pythagorean mystical interest in cosmic harmonies hence the title of his great work is Harmonice Mundi. But Kepler himself (unlike Wolpert) recognised, in his famous dispute with alchemist Fludd that there was a big difference between Pythagorean Numerology (Mathesis) and quantitative measurement [FY]. Kingsley states [PK]:
To ignore these [non-European] connections, or try to banish the word ‘shaman’ from discussion of Greek simply to perpetuate the myth that ancient Greeks were magically sealed off from external influences.

            Wolpert even presented the ludicrous views Catholic historian Jaki who blamed belief in Reincarnation for the [supposed] failure of non-Christian civilizations to create Science as if this was true! We saw above that Pythagorean theoria involved purification of the soul and contemplation of Divine Reality​. Pythagoras famously held the doctrine of metempsychosis and the goal of Plato’s philosophia was to escape the Wheel of Transmigration [TM] by purifying the soul [GO]. Many scholars have suggested an Indian origin for such doctrines as they were absent in Egypt but such Rebirth doctrines can also arise as a natural consequence of mystical experiences. Pythagoras spent many years studying in Egypt. Obeyesekere notes that Classicists tend to ignore Plato’s Rebirth doctrines [GO], just as Hines notes the same with Plotinus’ Rebirth doctrines [BH]. Classicists also try to blame such doctrines in a racist manner on ‘Oriental degeneration’. Bettany Hughes states that most (Classics) scholars agree that the concepts of the Afterlife and Rebirth in the Eleusinian Mysteries were projections of Nature’s Rebirth with the passing seasons [BH]. Once again we find the modern Western scholars secularizing falsely the mystical basis of Greek traditions, suppressing the obvious facts that notions of Afterlife and Rebirth come from actual mystical experiences. The doctrine of Transmigration was used to explain Plato’s mystical doctrine of Recollection concerning our innate knowledge. We ‘recollect’ something we learnt in a Past Life but have since forgotten [PC]. This is not merely a speculative doctrine: such 'recollection' of memories beginning with our own seeming 'past lives' and the lives of our own deceased relatives and ancestors [as mentioned in the Rig Veda] expanding to resonances with ever-more-different entities and aspects of the universe has been experienced by modern Western LSD researchers and so-called Transpersonal Psychologists.

            Empedocle’s daimon is a reincarnating entity and Empedocle’s claimed to be immortal having purified his soul to escape the Wheel of Existence [GO]. The myth of Er, who reawakens on his own funeral pyre (obviously based on Near-Death Experiences), in Plato’s Republic bears a striking resemblance to the Shamanic journeys to the Underworld and was probably derived from the Orphic Mysteries [GO]. Plato claimed that Prophecy as practised by the oracles was the noblest art and Socrates claimed to have a semi-divine (spirit) guide when he entered his trance states [GO]. Heraclitus claimed he searched within himself to derive his philosophy [TM]. One of the few extant fragments of Heraclitus’ single work states, “The character of man is his guardian spirit” (daimon). It becomes obvious that the 'Fire' of Heraclitus' philosophy is not the plasma of the external world but the inner fire (as with the Vedic agni) or the luminous Spirit within. As with other Greek Mystery traditions, the initiates at Eleusis, fifteen miles along the Sacred Way from Athens, were famously sworn to secrecy about the actual rites and experiences [WA]. Aforementioned mathematical physicist and mystic J.H.M. Whiteman discusses the parallels between the esotericism of the Greek Mystery traditions* with the older Hindu Rg Veda and Upanishads and the later esoteric teachings hidden in the Christian Gospels in his last book Universal Theology. He notes that Clement of Alexandria famously tells us the cryptic stock answer that initiates were allowed to say if asked about the crucial stages of the mysteries [UT]:
I have fasted, I have drunk the potion. I have taken [something] from the “chest”, laid [it] in the “basket”, then taken [it] out of the basket and put [it back again] into the chest.

*As noted on the Homepage, Freke and Gandy state, in the The Jesus Mysteries, that the central teaching of the Mediterranean Mystery Religions was the 'death' of the Lower Self (ego) and its Rebirth as the Higher Self, the Oneness of the Universal Spirit which is the true God in the sense of Creator of the universe. This is equivalent to the Doctrine of the Atman-Brahman.

Eurocentric bias amongst supposedly 'Indophile' New Agers
Wolpert asked in his book, how was Aristotle to know that the world is constituted in a way that bears no relation to common sense [LW]. I answered that, had Aristotle not rejected the mystical nature of true philosophy as taught to him by Plato, he might have understood the Indian notion of Maya and related notions which distinguish sensory perception of (common sense) Space/Time/Causality (or the Empirical world) from the deeper true nature of Reality which Quantum Physics is revealing. This is assuming the standard modern Empiricist view of Aristotle as opposed to transcendental Platonic Forms; a view which Cary challenges [PC]. I used the quote from J.H.M. Whiteman [PST] regarding the mystical doctrine of Elements in the Upanishads, becoming semi-mystical or ‘philosophical’ in Empedocles, and then naturalised in Aristotle. I noted that Wolpert had famously reviewed biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s A New Science of Life. Sheldrake, in his reprints quoted wryly Wolpert’s comment, “Sheldrake’s ideas are just nonsense”.

  Sheldrake, as with Ancient Greeks such as Pythagoras, did not let on that his central idea of (transcendental) Morphic Resonance was actually taken straight out of the Hindu Yoga Sutras’ theory of the Akasa (Space as vibrating subtle matter or ether; originating in the Upanishadic Doctrine of Elements) [AE/SP]. Sutra IV.10 states, “There is a relationship of Cause and Effect though separated by Class, Locality and Time because Memory and Impressions are the same in Form”. Sheldrake’s book was actually written in an Indian Ashram and he has written elsewhere that it was his first visit to India in the 1960s that led him to abandon his old Materialist indoctrination [NSR]. In fact, Sheldrake’s friend US mathematician Ralph Abraham admits that both he and Sheldrake were influenced by the Hindu notion of the Akasa, originally presented in the Upanishads [RA]. I pointed out that principle of transcendental vibrational resonance does not work when transposed to the naive Materialist metaphysics (so dear to Wolpert) as attempted by Sheldrake but makes perfect sense in new, deeper Nonlocal models of Quantum Reality. Such ideas were also presented by David Bohm, Wolfgang Pauli and Wolfram Schommers. This ties in with the Hindu Tantric view of the Phenomenal (Physical) Universe as manifestations of the underlying energetic vibrations of Absolute Nondual Consciousness.

      Wolpert, rather like fellow doctrinaire Materialist Francis Crick, who writes that we shouldn’t worry with the interpretation of Quantum Theory [FC], wrote of, “irreducible sets of laws or fundamental particles which must be taken as given without any cause”[LW]. But, as J.H.M. Whiteman indicated in his 1967 book and Milo Wolff had just recently shown in his 2008 book Schrödinger’s Universe: Einstein, Waves and the Origins of the Laws of Nature [MW] by rejecting the (Greek) Democritan myth and understanding the deeper, transcendental Wave Structure of Matter (WSM), we can start to explain how these ‘particle-like phenomena’ and law-like regularities of Nature arise. Newton, assuming Christian myths, had treated them as anthropomorphic God-given Laws. This is again related to Hindu Tantric views and the aforementioned Yogic doctrine of transcendental resonant causation in the Akasa.

            The deeper WSM understanding, doing away with the manmade paradoxes of QM, also accords with the general view of Eastern Philosophy that the regularities of Nature arise from its intrinsic self-organizing character. This contrasts with Western Greco-Christian myths of immutable Logos (anthropomorphic Reason) underlying Nature and Laws decreed by a sovereign man-god which inanimate, material Nature must obey. At the beginning of his TV programme Enemies of Reason, Richard Dawkins names David Hume as a praiseworthy philosopher of the Enlightenment. In fact Hume wrote that the scientific belief in a rational universe is primitive superstition holding that the universe is a cosmic analog of the human mind (emphasis mine) [RM]. I pointed out in my critique of Wolpert’s simplistic views that most of the basic concepts of Physics were themselves derived from animistic projection of human feelings onto Nature (e.g. force, work, energy, acceleration, heat, body) just like the primitive mythologies which scientific orthodoxy mocks. The scientific concept of ‘energy’ was partly inspired by the Romantic reaction to Mechanistic views, with the references to our ‘inner energies’ as in Blake’s statement that 'energy is sheer delight' [O/OM]. Similarly, the notion of Laws of Nature is based on primitive anthropomorphism.

            We saw above that Rupert Sheldrake made no mention of the Indian Vedantic origins of his ‘Morphic Resonance’ in the notion of the Akasa.** Instead Sheldrake tried to relate such Space-Time transcending resonances to Aristotle’s Formal Causation, a teleological notion which was not actually related to such transcendental Karmic notions of the persistence of memory reverberations. Transposed out of its Indian Vedantic-Tantric context, the notion of transcendental resonances does not fit in to the orthodox Western Materialist world-view (although such notions are compatible with a deeper Transcendentalist metaphysical understanding of Quantum Theory). The appeal to the European Aristotle was an attempt to appeal to such tacit Western prejudices that White Men are scientific and hence the false belief that Aristotle’s views must obviously be more scientific than those of the Indians. Such suppression of the Indian sources of their ideas and attempts to pander to Western racial prejudice is common amongst Western New Age celebrities. Rajiv Malhotra has labelled such attempts to repackage Indian ideas in Western or Western-Christian terms as the U-Turn. Rajiv’s negative view of Anglo-American New Agers was not present from the start but developed gradually as he himself had sponsored many such New Agers in their studies of Indian traditions etc. When phenomenological studies were finally accepted at the Tucson Consciousness conferences, Rajiv witnessed speakers discussing ideas, which obviously originated in Indian philosophy, but references were made only to Western names such as James, Husserl, Jung and Whitehead.
** In regard to Eurocentrism and the notion of Akasa, Western New Agers also make ludicrous claims regarding Hungarian writer Ervin Laszlo. Originally a pianist, Laszlo claims to be a pioneer in 'Systems Theory' and 'General Evolution Theory' which are actually just vague philosophical perspectives rather than scientific theories. He also claims to have been twice nominated for the Nobel Prize - the Peace Prize rather than in Science! In his pop philosophy book Science and the Akashic Field, Laszlo basically rehashes the Yoga Sutra's notion of Akashic Resonances [and makes no mention of Sheldrake's work]. Laszlo claims falsely that, in Indian Philosophy, Akasa is prior to Universal Consciousness [when in fact Akasa is the first creation out of Universal Consciousness]. Ludicrously, Laszlo claims that he is the man who revealed to the world the interconnectedness of all things and, for this great achievement, his name should be placed alongside Newton, Darwin and Einstein! In fact, Laszlo also adds Sigmund Freud to the names alongside which his should be placed demonstrating Laszlo's inability to distinguish reals achievements from charlatanism! Yet New Age celebrity friends have hyped-up this crude work of pop philosophy as if it is some revolutionary masterpiece!

           We saw above that some Afro-Americans labelled Martin Bernal the 'Academic Elvis'. I would label prolific New Age pop philosophy writer Ken Wilber as such the 'New Age Elvis'. He has been hyped-up in certain Anglo-American New Age circles  as the ‘Einstein of Consciousness’. Even his old-friend turned critic Michel Bauwens writes in his largely critical web essay “The Cult of Ken Wilber” that Wilber has produced a ‘masterly synthesis of Hindu-Buddhist Nondualism’[MB]. This is utter nonsense. Note how Bauwens’ statement makes it appear that thousands of years of Indian pioneering investigations into Consciousness are now the property of this hyped-up White Man. In 2000, leading US scholars of Hinduism and Buddhism discussed Wilber in the Infinity Foundation’s YogaPsychology web forum and the consensus was that his so-called ‘Integral Psychology’ was essentially copied from the ‘Integral Yoga’ of Aurobindo Ghose . Bauwens tells us that Wilber refers to the respected Aurobindo-inspired California Institute of Integral Studies (and also the respected Buddhist Naropa Institute) as a ‘cesspool’ [MB]).

            I have mentioned how the Wilber-worshipping Anglo-Americans suppressed publicity for my O/OM back in 1999-2000 as Wilber had just received large donations from the UFO-CEO Joe Firmage after the latter had to step down as CEO of USWeb. Wilber’s false, tacitly dualist, interpretation of the relationship between Science and Mysticism had led him to claims that synthesis was impossible and we would never find any ‘link’ between the two realms [falsehoods undermined by my O/OM with the RAS-brainwave correlation linking the two realms and my broader synthesis]. Bauwens mentions that even some Wilber critics became admirers after Wilber got the money to set up his own Institute [MB]. I recall that Bengali- American Amit Goswami had exposed Wilber’s tacit dualism in a monograph he had written for Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) around 1998 (Goswami’s spell at IONS had actually been funded by Rajiv Malhotra). But after Wilber got the Firmage money, Goswami was singing Wilber’s praises in the IONS magazine. In BBAB, I show that Wilber has done nothing that any serious, impartial adjudicator would judge worthy of being labelled the ‘Einstein of Consciousness’. In his early books, Wilber seems to have stuck to promoting the orthodox Indian Advaita Vedanta emphasizing the famous 4-state AUM model of the states of consciousness from the Mandukya Upanisad. It seems that when Wilber attempted to be original with his Pre/Trans Fallacy and ‘Height Psychology’ (as opposed to traditional ‘Depth Psychology) and with his supposedly profound ‘Quadrant model’, rather than stick to Advaita Vedanta, he got everything confused. My work demonstrates what others have suspected, that Wilber’s Pre/Trans Fallacy is itself a fallacy. Even Wilber’s own New Age admirer Christian de Quincey has exposed the absurd inconsistencies in Wilber’s much-hyped Quadrant model (actually just a ‘mandala’) [CdQ]. Like myself, de Quincey also compares Wilber’s ever-changing (so-called) models to the epicycles of Ptolemy, added on to salvage a basically flawed framework resulting in supposedly over 2,000 'consciousness variables'! However, I think it is a bit unfair to Ptolemy to have Wilber likened to him. Unlike Wilber’s constant tinkering with absurd ‘models’ which are of no real scientific value (in stark contrast to my RAS-brainwave correlation), the epicyclic astronomical model of the great Claudius Ptolemy did work reasonably well. Copernicus did not actually eliminate epicycles in his heliocentric model, he only reduced the number required!

Discredited White Supremacist Fantasy of Aryan Invasion of India still peddled
by Western academics and Indian academic lackeys

N.B. Until recently, DNA studies had indicated that there had been no major influx of foreign DNA markers into the Indian gene pool for 12,500 years. Since writing the text below, new Y-chromosome-DNA studies published in 2017 have complicated matters and the older mtDNA studies mentioned in BBAB which contradicted a Bronze Age Aryan migration into India have become outdated. It seems as if there was a Bronze Age influx of largely male Indo-European DNA (associated with the R1a genetic marker - linked to Central Asian and European Indo-European speakers) into the Indian gene pool. However, although complicating the issues and casting some doubt on the view that the Vedic Aryans were the Saraswati-Indus people, this evidence of Indo-European male migration into India in the Bronze Age does not support the old 'Aryan Invasion' myths concocted by the Colonial Europeans [there is no archaeological evidence for such an invasion destroying the Saraswati-Indus civilisation]. The 'Politics of Knowledge' behind such attempts to reconstruct 'History' remains pertinent to the overall discussion, especially the Western dogmatic adherence to the Aryan Invasion myth in spite of the absurd basis on which it was constructed.

Ancient Indian History has been and continues to be plagued by the White Supremacist myths created by Western fantasists held up as ‘scientific scholars’ by their fellow Europeans and by, self-hatred-filled, left-wing Indian historians, striving to please their White academic patrons and gullible enough to believe the Materialistic myths of Eurocentric Marxism that anything tainted by religion must be the false ‘opium of the masses’. In spite of the overwhelming evidence discrediting the myth of the Aryan Invasion, Western academic supporters of this myth continued demonizing their opponents (who were often presenting good scientific or empirically-validated facts and arguments) as Hindu Fundamentalists. Western academics continue to remain in denial of empirical facts and rational arguments which threaten to undermine their dogmatically-held beliefs and of course their prestige. As in the colonial world, the Non-European is supposed to be a subaltern who turns to the White Masters for approval and validation according to the ‘Universal’ standards of European scholarship (i.e. it must conform to Eurocentric and Christocentric paradigms). The Western supporters and their Indian lackeys based their arguments primarily on the 19th Century Pseudoscience of Philology, claiming that historical migration routes could be determined by Comparative Linguistics. Such myths have finally been debunked totally by recent DNA studies although it was amazing how books by Western academics on the subject at the turn of the 21st Century continued to ignore this real Genetic science evidence in favour of linguistic and archaeological speculation. But the racism in Western academia is clear in the belief that a White European scholar’s views are to be given more weight than the countervailing facts presented by non-Europeans. The following passage is taken from Chapter 7 of BBAB:

German born Oxford Professor of Comparative Philology Max Muller was associated with the East India Company which had looted India’s wealth and destroyed India’s economy creating dozens of famines killing countless millions of Indians. After this state-chartered corporation was finally dissolved, the direct Raj (rule) of the British state continued such Crimes against Humanity in India. Like Mill, Muller never visited India. Muller was the famous English translator of the Rig Veda who concocted the White Supremacist Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) myth that has completely distorted Western (and Western-educated Indian) understanding of Ancient Indian history. He justified his fabricated historical interpretation of the Veda involving White Aryan invaders conquering Black Indian natives on the basis of one ambiguous word found in only one of the over one thousand hymns of the Rig Veda. Muller made up the supposed dates for the Rig Veda on equally flimsy grounds allowing only a couple of centuries each for major periods based on ancient Indian literary genres which almost certainly did not transform so rapidly [56, 57]. Although his dating was immediately criticized by other Indologists and he quickly backtracked on the veridicality of his dubious dating, these false dates were taken as ‘scientific facts’ by other Western academics and continue to be peddled by many of them to this day. We have already seen above the criticism by the likes of J.L. Mehta, J.H.M. Whiteman and Aurobindo Ghose of the false interpretations of Rig Veda as worship of the forces of Nature etc. concocted by such Colonial Indologists.

              Muller wrote that Indians were a people never destined to act a prominent part in the history of the world [58]. This racist view, first expounded by the likes of James Mill, is still echoed tacitly in the subtext of British historians as we have seen above. Muller described the Rig Veda as crude, childish and unscientific, reflecting the characteristic of an ancient and simple minded race [59]. Muller rejected possible connections between Greek and the (older) Indian philosophies out of hand [60]. As with William Jones and other Indologists before him, Muller used the time frame of the Bible myths as the overarching guide to supposed World History. He even made a fervent effort to absolve Robert de Nobili of forgery of the so-called Jesus Veda (Ezour Vedam) by trying to place the blame on de Nobili’s Indian servant [61]. Such forgeries and fabricated history were aimed at claiming Christian origins for the Vedas and Upanishads. Western-funded Christian Evangelists continue to peddle false myths about the Tamils, St Thomas in India and the supposed Christian origins of Bhakti [62].

              B.B. Lal, Retired Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India, says that, even as late as 1920 (just before the rediscovery of the Indus cities), Western scholars denied India any iota of civilisation prior to the incursion of the (White Man) Alexander [63]. It was Dugald Stewart, another Scottish mythmaker, who replaced Alexander of Macedon with St Thomas as the supposed White Man who introduced all knowledge to the Indian darkies [64]. Elaine Pagels, an expert on the Gnostic Gospels, tells us that the exact opposite was the case. Thomas, who never actually visited India, was the apostle who most represented Indian spirituality (especially Buddhism) in influencing early Christianity [65]. We saw in Chapter 2 that Guy Sorman argues that the notions of Love and Charity in Christianity were derived from Buddhism via Asoka’s missionaries [66]. Self-examination in Consciousness (Conscience) [67] and rosary beads are also Buddhist in origin. Indeed, the medieval Catholic Church canonized the Buddha unwittingly as they mistook the story of Barlam and Josaphat to be Christian when in fact it was a story about Buddha (Bodhisat had become Josaphat via Persian translation) [68]. Sorman points out that Catholic missionaries were indignant when they found Indian religious ceremonies used bell-ringing and incense and Indians worshipped relics. They assumed that Indians copied such practices from Christianity when in fact Christians had copied these practises from Indian traditions [69]. Numerous famous Western historians of philosophy, maths, science, society and art have acted in a similar manner, twisting facts to give precedence to the European Greeks when the evidence actually suggested Indian origins.

              The Boden Chair of Sanskrit at Oxford (which Muller originally applied for) was created by Colonel Joseph Boden in order to translate the Bible so as to convert (heathen) Indians to Christianity (the ‘one true faith’) [70]. Muller’s contemporary, the second Boden Professor, Monier Williams wrote [71]:
When the mighty walls of Brahmanism are encircled, undermined and finally stormed by the soldiers of the cross, the victory of Christianity must be signal and complete.
The Scientific Racism of late 19th and early 20th Century Western academia attempted to show that all ancient civilisations were created by White Men, primarily Northern European Germanics. Famous US Anthropologist Samuel G. Morton claimed that Ancient Egyptians were White. The woolly African-style hair depicted in Egyptian pictures was reduced to wigs [72]. For G.W.F. Hegel, the Aryans, Alexander, Caesar, and Charlemagne were, “Always us”; that is Germanics [73].

              Max Muller picked out one ambiguous word anasa (noseless) in one hymn, from over one thousand hymns, and used it to justify his racial conquest of aboriginal Blacks by White men fantasy. According to Muller, anasa referred to the flat-nosed (African-like) dark-skinned Indian aborigines [74]. Ronald Inden has pointed out Muller’s hypocrisy in warning against the conflation of Language and Race. ‘Scientific Racist’ Raj official Herbert Risley based his pseudo-scientific Nasal Index on Muller’s (noseless) ‘speculation’ to depict the dynamic and fluid contemporary Indian jatis (occupational castes) as Classical ‘Hindu’ varna or rigid castes based on racial differences in the British Censuses. The British emphasis on rigid castes and sectarian religious communities in censuses and official dealings reinforced and exacerbated such divisions was integral to their Divide and Rule policies [75]. East India Company men were prominent in preaching Human Inequality, against French Republican Egalitarianism, both in Britain and in India where they encouraged caste hierarchy. In Britain they were involved with founding the Royal Institute. The famous Christmas lectures on science were partly motivated by a desire to inculcate a belief in social hierarchy amongst lower class Britons [76]. In 1931, the 1920 Oxford Student History of India by Vincent Smith was reprinted, telling of beautiful, tall, fair-skinned Nordic Aryans conquering dark-skinned, flat-nosed, ugly aborigines in 2nd Millennium b.c.e India [77]. Anthropologist Edmund Leach wrote that the discovery of the Indus Civilisation in 1922 should have led scholars to dispense with the Aryan Invasion myth and start again from scratch but too many academic reputations were at stake [78]. Professor Colin Renfrew pointed out in his Archaeology and Language that archaeologists took literally the myths of (pseudoscientific) 19thCentury Linguists about Aryan migrations. The Linguists in turn took the archaeological interpretations built upon these Linguistic myths as hard facts and so each built upon each other’s unsubstantiated myths [79].

              After the discovery of the cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa in the Indus Valley by R.D. Banerjee and D. Sahni in 1922, Western scholars tried to demote this ancient Indian civilisation, predating anything in Europe, to merely a peripheral offshoot of Mesopotamia [80]. The self-hating, anti-Indian writer, beloved of his conservative British patrons, Nirad C. Chaudhuri regurgitated this myth [81]. To salvage the AIT myth, the Western scholars promoted the so-called ‘Dravidians’ (i.e. South Indian Tamils etc.) from savage aborigines to the builders of this ancient civilization. This fantasy appeals to Tamil separatists. But even the historian Romila Thapar, lauded by her Western patrons given her secularist stance opposing ‘Hindu Revisionism’, says that Tamil poetry was first written down by Aryan migrants to the South. There was no script in South India until the coming of Brahmi, an early form of Sanskrit. [82]. How could the Tamils lose all knowledge of city-building and high culture after the supposed Aryan invasion(s) displaced them South. We saw in Chapter 2 that recent DNA studies show that the North Indian peoples possessing Ancestral North Indian genetic markers (closely related to European genetic markers) indicate that the ancestors of the so-called ‘Indo-Aryans’ were present in Northern India from at least 40,000 years ago [83].

              In fact, long before Muller’s translation of Rig Veda, two late 18th Century Western astronomers had shown, independently, that the ancient Brahmanic Astronomy suggested that the Brahmans or their ancestors must have been in Northern India around 3,102 b.c.e. French astronomer Bailly and Scottish astronomer Playfair found that, for all practical purposes, the ancient Brahmanic astronomy was just as good at predicting eclipses etc. as the contemporary Western astronomy of Meyer and Cassini. The position of the sun in a 3,102 b.c.e. eclipse matched that determined by Newtonian theory along with knowledge of the Precession of Equinoxes. However, the Indians could not have back-calculated this fact as the margin of error would have grown significantly over such long periods using the Brahmanic system. The only conclusion was that the Brahmins or their ancestors observed the position of the sun from India in 3,102 b.c.e.before the Precession of the Equinoxes led to changes of the solar trajectory relative to the Indian Zodiac [84].

              We have seen that the geography of the Rig Veda coincides with the vast territorial extent of the Saraswati-Sindhu (Indus-Saraswati) civilization which extend way beyond the Indus Valley. The Veda even states that the great river Saraswati once flowed between the Yamuna and the Sutlej (where its ancient course has been rediscovered using LANDSAT satellite imagery) dotted with ancient cities [85]. Rig Veda even mentions a place called Hariyupia which sounds like Harappa [86]. The river names of the Punjab are all Aryan. American and European rivers retain names given by original settlers [87]. London’s Thames retains its Celtic name (related to the Sanskrit Tamas) even though the Romans built London. There is no evidence for any Aryan invasion or indeed any major cultural discontinuity between the Saraswati-Sindhu civilisation and the later, supposedly the first Aryan civilisation in the Gangetic plain of Northern India beginning in the 2nd millennium b.c.e. [88].

              Thus the spread of the Vedic Aryans into the Gangetic plain of North India seems to have followed the drying up of the once-great Saraswati around 1900 b.c.e. after earthquakes diverted tributaries into the Indus and Yamuna turning the once great river into a seasonal river flowing through the recently formed desert of modern Rajahstan [89]. The Vedic term which refers both to Man and Spirit is Purusa as still used today. Feuerstein et al. note that Pur in Sanskrit means city and say that Purusa was derived from Pur-vasu meaning city-dweller. Thus contra Muller’s nomadic hordes, Rig Vedic Man called himself city-dweller {e.m.} [90]. Radhakrishnan had pointed out long ago, without reference to the AIT controversies, that Purusa was used as a term for Spirit as Spirit was that which dwells in the citadel (of the Heart)[91]; the central citadel being a metaphor for the heart as the centre of the body. Again, in stark contrast to Muller’s presentation of Vedic Aryans as nomadic invaders, Rg Veda refers to 100-oar boats (ships) [92].The Saraswati-Sindhu civilization traded by sea in the 3rd M b.c.e. with the Sumerians who called the Indians Meluha. The world’ first dockyard was built by these Northern Indians in Lothal, Gujarat in the mid-3rd M b.c.e. 

British Indologists projected blame for British colonial parasitism of India onto Hinduism

Yet in spite of such facts, British ‘Indophile’ historian Michael Wood still sided with the discredited AIT in his 2007 BBC TV series A Story of India, focusing on some Ukrainian archaeologists claiming that Ukraine was the setting of the Vedas! He also regurgitated the colonial myth that Indian History was shaped by waves of 'vigorous' (a euphemism for 'light-skinned') invaders from the North-West, as if Indians themselves (being 'darkies') lacked historical agency*. Worse still, in a supposed history of India, Wood completely suppressed the fact that parasitic British Rule in India had led to the deaths of tens of millions India’s poorest in around three dozen famine holocausts due to the ‘pseudo-Free Market’ and racist policies of the British as revealed in Mike Davis’s Late Victorian Holocausts [LVH]. Can you imagine a BBC History of Germany which omitted the Nazi period. The British demonize the Germans and joke “Don’t mention the war”, N10 but Germans could easily counter, “Don’t mention the Raj”. As Sven Lvindqvist tells us in Exterminate All the Brutes, Hitler’s designation of his invasion of the USSR as a ‘War of Extermination’ was based on the racial ‘wars of extermination’ of the British and other European colonialists against native populations [SL]. “[A] war of extermination will continue to be wages between the two races until the Indian race becomes extinct”. Thus spoke California Governor Peter Burnett in his annual message of 1851 (soon after the USA had seized the Northern half of Mexico using both religious and racial myths to justify aggressive conquest) [NC]. Lindqvist notes that the concepts of lebensraum and extermination of inferior races were derived from ‘Germanization’ of White Supremacist British imperial ideology by a German academic Tille who taught in Glasgow in the 1890s [SL] The hypocrisy in the Anglo-American demonization of the Nazis as supposedly unique in their atrocities is itself a product of the tacit racism of Western thought; the Nazis killed White Europeans hence they have been singled out!** It is also a product of what Norman Finkelstein labelled “The Holocaust Industry” in his famous book of that name [NF]N12. He showed that the Nazi Holocaust of Jews was seized upon by born-again Zionist Jews in the USA after the 1967 Zionist invasion of Sinai and the West Bank in order to exploit Jewish suffering (at the hands of White Europeans) to deflect attention from military aggression by the European Zionist Settler-Colonialists against native peoples of the Middle East. As John Rose shows in his The Myths of Zionism, contrary to Western-Zionist propaganda that the 1967 war was ‘little Israel’ defending itself against aggressive Muslim neighbours, this invasion and seizure of adjacent lands had been planned for since the early 1950s as part of the Zionist ‘Great Israel’ plan for Zionist imperial control from the Nile to the Euphrates [JR]​N13

*Wood also came out with the absurd claim that Chandragupta Maurya got the idea of creating a vast empire from Alexander! The White Supremacist distortion behind this is clear in that Alexander simply took over the pre-existing vast empire of the  decadent Persians (including the Indus territories which Chandragupta soon reclaimed from the Macedonians [under the great General Seleucus Nikator - as well as forcing them to cede Bactria (Afghanistan)]. The Persian Empire had held the Indus for 200 years and Chandragupta's classic imperial motifs, the rock edicts, were copied from the Persian emperors. Ancient historians recorded that Alexander's troops refused to enter [non-Persian] India proper as they faced certain defeat at the hands of the vast Indian forces awaiting them, led by Chandragupta's battle-hardened Army of Maghada. Unlike, the Persians,  the local Punjabi chieftain Porus had given the Macedonians a hard fight {and Alexander reinstated Porus as King]. It was obvious that Al stood no chance against the allied Indian armies awaiting him. However, according to Wood, the 'Greeks' were 'homesick' and, according to Wood's fantasy image of Al, he might have gone on to conquer China!

**In December 2016 the Daily Mail (the right-wing tabloid which, in the 1930s, supported Hitler and the British Fascist Oswald Moseley) reported on the removal of a plaque at Queen Mary University, London commemorating the visit of Belgian King Leopold II notorious for the genocide of around 10 million Africans in Congo along with barbaric mutilations of hands on the rubber plantations. This followed student protest. Many of the comments from the 'Middle England' Mail readers, disparaging the students as 'snowflakes' [i.e. youngsters brainwashed by Political Correctness into taking offence at the slightest hint of offence] or stating that 'such things were normal back then' [when in fact Leopold's atrocities had been denounced by his contemporaries] demonstrated my point about the Nazis. Other, better educated and more Liberal, commenters responded pointing out that Britain would never allow plaques in honour of Hitler!

  In 1877 Benjamin Disraeli’s hand-picked henchman Viceroy Lytton set up Buchenwald-like Death Camps in which Indian victims of yet another British-inflicted famine holocaust were forced to do hard labour in return for less food than Nazis gave to Death Camp inmates. Not all Nazi Death Camps had Gas Chambers; in Buchenwald inmates were worked to death. Ninety four percent of the Indian victims died from the flour mixed with dirt they were given as rations and from ensuing disease. Simultaneously, the British exported record amounts of India’s foodgrains for Britain’s financial profit and providing food security for White Britons and other Westerners as world market prices were reduced by such huge exports of Indian foodgrains in the 1870s. Disraeli also arranged for the biggest feast in human history, the 1877 Delhi Durbar celebrating Victoria being named ‘Empress of India’. Sixty thousand Brits and Indian princeling collaborators were feasted for a week whilst 100,000 a week died in Madras Province [LVH]. In 1901 based on the Indian Census data The Lancet estimated conservatively that 19 million Indians had died in Western India in the 1890s due to the British Social Darwinist (‘Free Trade’) ‘Let-them [the Darkies]-starve’ policies.  

            In 1877 Cornelius Walford showed in the Journal of Statistics that 120 years of British rule had created over 30 famines in India compared to just 17 in the previous 2,000 years of recorded history. In contrast to the genocidal, racist British plunderers, native Indian Hindu rulers and the later Muslim rulers (who saw themselves as Indians) had always acted to prevent famines, importing and distributing grain to the poor and punishing profiteers in times of famine [NR, LVH]. The last of these British-inflicted holocausts occurred in 1942-3 killing  millions [the usually figure is of 3-4 million dead but, according to research by Sanjoy Bhattacharya of the Wellcome Foundation, the actual mortality figure could have been around 6-7million. As Madhushrie Mukerjee showed in her 2010 Churchill’s Secret War [MM], Winston Churchill (voted by BBC viewers as the greatest-ever Briton) was directly responsible for this ‘Bengal Holocaust’ through his racist hatred of Indians and especially of Hindus and his racist War Crime of preventing the USA, Canada, Australia and even Japan sending food aid to the starving Indians. Simultaneously, the diet of working class Britons actually improved during the war (including meat, sweets and jam) and rationing and price-controls prevented profiteering (such practices to prevent profiteering were never imposed by the Brits when Indians faced starvation) [MM]. Note also that, during the 1939-45 war, Churchill's racist hatred towards Indians was directed primarily towards Bengal due to the fact that Indian National Army leader Subhas Chandra Bose was a Bengali who had been the leader of the Bengal Congress. Thus the British regime's policies targeting Bengal and hence creating the Bengal Holocaust constituted an example of Collective Punishment, another parallel with War Crimes committed by the Nazis.

             The British invented self-justifying myths (Malthus worked for the EIC) blaming the famines on overpopulation and also on the supposed backwardness of Hindu culture. In fact, Britain was far more densely populated than India under British Rule (and Indian population, and life-expectancy, actually fell in the period 1875-1901). India as a whole always grew enough food to feed all Indians (had the British note stolen through their extortionate ‘Land tax’ for export) and it was industrializing Britain which did not grow enough food to feed its own population. Thus the food was stolen out of the mouths of India’s poor to provide food security to (White) Britons. Throughout Eurasian history India had been famed for its wealth not as the land of eternal poverty and famine which the British colonial apologists like James Mill claimed was her natural state. The Romans moaned of the drain of silver and gold to India. Columbus told his sponsors that he was seeking a route to India as India was renowned for its great wealth. In 1616 English ambassador Thomas Roe described Delhi as the ‘Treasury of the World’. Prior to British invasion and occupation of India, the Brits moaned about the drain of silver to India in return for highly prized Indian textiles which dominated the world market until the British systematically destroyed the Indian textile industry. As stated above, recent research by Utsa Patnaik (published by Columbia U.P. in 2018) estimates that the Brits stole at least the equivalent of US$45 Trillion from India (equivalent to 17 times the UK's current GDP!):

            Even the famous so-called ‘Indophile’ H.H. Wilson was guilty of whitewashing the Crimes against Humanity of Warren Hastings and other Brits. However, Wilson included the following famous note in Chapter 8 of Book 1 of his 1853 revised edition of Mill’s History of British India [RCD1]:
It is also a melancholy instance of the wrong done to India by the country on which she has become dependent. It was stated in evidence [in 1813] that the cotton and silk of India up to the period could be sold for a profit in the British market at a price from 50-60% lower than those fabricated in England. It consequently became necessary to protect the latter by duties of 70 and 80 per cent. on their value or by positive prohibition. Had this not been the case... the mills of Paisley and Manchester would have stopped at their outset, and could scarcely have been again set in motion, even by the power of steam. They were created by the sacrifice of the Indian manufacture. Had India been independent, she would have retaliated, would have imposed prohibitive duties on upon British goods, and would thus have preserved her own productive industry from annihilation. ...British goods were forced upon her without paying any duty, and the foreign manufacturer employed the arm of political injustice to keep down and ultimately strangle a competitor with whom he could not have contended on equal terms.

            Furthermore, as the great Nationalist historian Romesh Chunder Dutt pointed out in his famous The Economic History of India Under Early British Rule (1901), [extorted] Indian ‘revenues’ were spent by the EIC on the ‘purchase’ [extorted seizure at below market price by EIC monopoly and violence] of Indian goods for export to Europe with no profit to India [RCD1]. It was the British who, having risen to become the richest nation on Earth by looting, starving and ruining India, created the myth that India was a land of Eternal Poverty and Famine and pretended that this poverty and starvation was the result of Hinduism! As Nicholas Dirks notes in The Scandal of Empire, the myth of the Hindu Cult of Thugee was concocted by British Colonel Sleeman in order to justify his brutal crackdown on highway robbers, involving the detention without trial, torture and execution of thousands of Indians. The real reason for the increase in highway robbery was the economic devastation inflicted on India by British, looting, plunder, deindustrialization and famine-creation forcing many to turn to crime [ND]. British TV presenters do not mention how Indian refugees would flee in their thousand from territories newly annexed by the British to native-ruled states in order to escape the brutal British extortion-rackets stripping them of their wealth and ruining the economy leading to famines.

            The British peddle myths of the British ruling India peacefully through the Rule of Law with just a few thousand British officials running the entire subcontinent. They also boast that ‘Equality under the Law’ was the ‘Gospel of the English’. Apartheid-like privileges for Europeans in criminal cases allowing Whites to get away with beating, raping, torturing and murdering Indians existed in British India right up until Independence. As Elizabeth Kolsky stresses in her Colonial Justice in British India: White Violence and the Rule of Law [EK], contrary to the myths of Britain holding India peacefully with just a handful of white officials, it was the everyday brutality of White Violence towards Indians in the knowledge that there would be no punishment along with a huge White army of occupation of around 70,000 after 1857 that really maintained British Rule! The White savagery towards indentured ‘coolies’ tricked into virtual slavery on the Assam Tea Plantations (as with the brutal Indigo plantations in the 19th Century) continued right up until Independence. Indentured Assam tea-pickers were in some ways worse off than slaves (who were at least valued as property). It was illegal to leave the plantations to protest brutality and White owners had the right to hunt them down. The ‘coolies’ faced the same corrupt all-White juries dismissing cases of White Violence against Non-whites as was common in the US Deep South. Richard Gott tells us in Britain’s Empire [RG] how British officers kept the Indian sepoys (mercenaries) on-side with terror including the infamous ‘cannonading’ which was practised on Indians long before 1857. In 1857 it was the news of the Brits disarming and slaughtering ‘non-mutineer’ Indian troops in some garrisons which inevitably encouraged sepoys elsewhere to join the revolt against the discriminatory Brits.

            In his 2011 BBC TV series Made in Britain Evan Davis discussed Britain’s industrial history (as usual covering up the British De-industrialization and plunder of India) asked how Britain could sell more of its goods to China. No mention was made of 130 years of massive British profiteering by poisoning the Chinese with Opium (which was banned in Britain) along with the Anglo-French invasion of China and looting of its imperial treasures. In his 2012 BBC TV series called Empire, the BBC Newsnight ‘hardman’ interviewer Jeremy Paxman claimed that India under British Rule became a prosperous land [when in fact 90% were forced to exist on the edge of starvation!]. Famous for his relentless questioning of politicians, Paxman suddenly became totally gullible and accepting when he was told by a White plantation owner in Kenya that the British were ‘developing’ the land [a Colonial euphemism for Capitalist resource-extraction and repatriation of wealth to Britain]. As is usual practice, an Indian face (a British Indian woman who no doubt had vested interests in praising her adopted country) was presented claiming that there was less corruption under British-rule than under native rule. Although referring to East Africa, such claims of incorruptible British colonial rule are total hogwash. No mention was made of the notorious corruption of the EIC men such as Paul Benfield who forced Indian nawabs to loot their own treasuries in return for British protection with Britishers returning home with the loot (the Hindi word to rob and plunder) as the richest men in Britain who helped finance the Industrial Revolution [the slang tern 'nob' for a Briton of wealth and social importance is a corruption of the term 'nabob' (from nawab) used for these piratical EIC gangsters]. No mention of the bribery of British politicians including Prime Ministers by such glorified British pirates and the mass emigration of British fraudsters to India after the extortion from the Nawab of Arcot based on falsified claims of loans to the Nawab had gone unpunished. Then there were the junior officials of the EIC who returned to Britain with vast fortunes whilst one third of the native population starved to death in Bengal in 1770 and later countless European banks would collapse in the 1772 (they make today’s thieving bankster look like Angels!). But the BBC’s Paxman was never going to tell you these truths. As American polymath Buckminster Fuller said,” The British were perhaps the most successful pirates in history. They came to India, pillaged the country in the name of trade and then enslaved it in the name of civilization.”  

  It is bad enough that mainstream British academic historians and TV presenters continue to cover up the savage truth of British rule. In recent years British politicians have been trying to sanitize the history of the British Empire. Partly inspired by the Glaswegian Neocon Niall Ferguson (see below), Scottish-born Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown was trying to put a positive spin on the Empire, given that such colonialism has been criticized to some extent in Britain’s schools in recent decades due to pressure from minorities and the Left. But the current Tory Education minister Michael Gove has gone much further in trying to whitewash the British Empire. In March 2010 Gove suggested that Niall Ferguson should join the, even more right wing, Andrew Roberts to bring schools’ History teaching in line with Tory thought. History lessons should “celebrate” the Empire [SM]. Neocon Ferguson is notorious for his tacit White Supremacist pro-Empire propaganda including rehashing Kipling’s racist mythology of the ‘White Man’s Burden’. In 2001 he had a 2pp article in the right-wing tabloid Daily Mail(see Note 10) entitled, if I recall correctly The White Man’s Burden in which he tried to justify Neocon-style US interventionism by rehashing all the old myths about how the British (supposedly) saved India from barbaric Hindu customs etc. Ferguson even presented as historical fact, Kipling’s fictional story William the Conqueror in which British officials heroically saved starving natives during the 1896 famine.

            Mike Davis’s Late Victorian Holocausts debunked Kipling’s false propaganda with testimony from real British officials, Note that the Brits actually passed an Anti-Charitable Contributions Act in 1877 to prevent private charity to Indian famine victims and pursued a Social Darwinist ‘Let-them-Starve’ policy including Buchenwald-style Death Camps! In his letter to The Guardian (12th June 2010) responding furiously to Guardian journalist Seumas Milne’s attack on the Tory Party’s plans to get him to help rewrite the English schools’ History curriculum , Ferguson ranted: Those like Milne, who equate British imperialism with Nazi imperialism – who describe natural disasters [sic] like famines as “Victorian Holocausts”... are guilty of the worst kind of relativism.
Note once again the deception in Ferguson’s presentation of history. The death of tens of millions of Indians in British-occupied India due to starvation was not simply the inevitable result of ‘Natural Disasters’. Natural disasters created famines under native rule but native rulers acted to prevent mass starvation. The British occupiers of India, as we have seen, were responsible for this mass starvation due to their ‘Let-them-Starve’ policies of refusing to provide relief, exporting India’s grain (the much vaunted railways which gave guaranteed profits to British investors and manufacturers actually helped increase the export of India’s foodgrains increasing famines), creating Buchenwald-style Death Camps etc. Vicious racist, Indian-hating Winston Churchill was not only responsible for creating the artificial famine in Bengal in 1942-3 through Nazi-style Collective Punishment of Bengal (Rice Denial Schemes etc. when there was a surplus elsewhere in India - the British, as usual, censored news of the famine) but Churchill also acted deliberately to prevent Food Aid being sent by other countries (this is a War Crime).

            In a 2003 review of Ferguson’s book Empire entitled “When Britannia waived the rules”, Paul D’Amato wrote that Ferguson’s book oozes the evil intent of apologetics from the introduction in which Ferguson argues that the British Empire (BE) “enhanced global welfare” to the conclusion where Ferguson expresses surprise at how “anyone could claim that driving out the British [from India] would improve life”. Ferguson’s thesis is basically that the BE imposed Free Markets, the Rule of Law, investor protection and relatively incorrupt government on about one quarter of the world. D’Amato replies correctly that the BE traded and exploited slaves, practised systematic racial discrimination, brutally repressed all opposition to its rule and was “positively culpable” in the famine deaths of tens of millions of people. Ferguson skirts around the BE’s atrocities in Kenya especially against the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s to point out how the BE allowed him, as a child in Kenya, to have a ‘magical time’. “To the Scots” says Fergie, “the Empire stood for bright sunlight” [PD]. This resembles Churchill’s tales of his rip-roaring adventures in India in 1897, at a time of mass starvation, totally ignoring the British genocide of millions all around him.

            D’Amato points out that Ferguson contradicts himself. Ferguson quotes positively Kipling bemoaning the (supposed) ‘fact’ that British officials in India “die, or kill themselves by overwork, or are worried to order that the land may be protected from death and sickness, famine and war and may eventually become capable of standing alone”. This ridiculous claim is contradicted later by another quote from a district tax collector who worked from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. collecting taxes from Indians and finding time for hunting wild animals during work hours [PD]. H.M. Hyndman wrote that, on average, Britons in the ICS were paid more than five times the salary paid to the native for doing the same job. Of 960 civil offices which really control the civil administration of India, 900 are occupied by Britons and only 60 by natives. India is administered by a successive relay of English carbet-baggers, with no real interest in the wellbeing of the people they govern, who return to England at age 45 or 55 with large pensions [HMH]. R. N. Cust, who himself drew a pension from Indian revenues equal to about 1700 times the annual income of the average Indian, wrote:
There is a constant drawing away of the wealth of India to England, as Englishmen grow fat on accumulation made in India, while the Indian remains as lean as ever... Every post of dignity and high emolument, civil and military is held by a stranger and a foreigner... it is the jealousy of the middle-class Briton, the hungry Scot, that wants his salary, that shuts out all Native aspirations... The consequences will be terrible.

Some quotes exposing British hypocrisy and lies in regard to the Raj

The East India Company was not only the purest in intention but one of the most beneficent in act ever known to mankind...
John Stuart Mill (Chief Examiner of East India Co. and son of James Mill) 1858

British Rule in India, according to Sir Richard [Strachey; Chairman of 1878 Famine Commission] and [his brother] General Sir John Strachey [Viceroy Lytton’s Chief of Finance] was the most extraordinary act of charity in world history. [British Rule has] increased to an extent absolutely incalculable the wealth and comfort of the people of India, [adding] nothing to the actual burden of taxation.
Mike Davis in his Late Victorian Holocausts [MD]

Famines have passed away... and pestilence has gone. ...It was thought in many parts of the world that all we did was to sit on top of India exploiting the poor unfortunate people and taking away their hard-earned sustenance in order to enrich ourselves. [But British Rule] in Indian history will surely become the Golden Age as time passes.
Winston Churchill (Genocidal White Supremacist War Criminal, 1943) [MM]

The Herculean efforts to free India from her poverty were Christian efforts,... ...Philip Mason’s popular book, The Men Who Ruled India, identifies that [Christian Evangelist] Sir Richard Temple ... as a man of tremendous vision and ceaseless action,...[Temple was Disraeli and Lyttons’ official who created the Buchenwald-like Death camps in 1877. The starvation-level ‘Temple rations’ continued to be given to Indian famine victims after 1877]
Vishal Mangalwadi (Christian Evangelist) [VM]

We cannot avoid recognizing in the people of Hindostan, a race of men lamentably degenerate and base, retaining but a feeble sense of moral obligation, yet obstinate in their disregard of what they know to be right, governed by malevolent and licentious passions, strongly exemplifying the effects produced on society by great and general corruption of manners, and sunk in misery by their vices.
Charles Grant (1792) Observations on the State of Society among the Asiatic Subjects of Great Britain

Churchill told his private secretary that “the Hindus were a foul race ‘protected by their mere pullation [rapid breeding] from the doom that is their due. He wished that Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris, the head of British bomber command, could “send some of his surplus bombers to destroy them”.
Madhushree Mukerjee [CSW]


  N1 In 1998 a Bengali Professor of Physics in the USA who had joined the New Age movement did not respond to me even though people who knew him emailed me saying that he would be excited by my 1999 book [in fact I had already sent him a synopsis of O/OM in 1997 getting no response]. A non-Indian Professor of Mechanical Engineering at McGill who is a fan of my work suggested that I also forward my first draft of Chapter 1 of BBAB to a well-known Indian Professor of Indian Philosophy and Hinduism in McGill. Not surprisingly, the Indian did not respond even though my work impacted directly upon his specialty and this non-scientist Sanskritist, like the Bengali Physics professor had received sponsorship from my acquaintance Rajiv Malhotra’s Infinity Foundation.

N2 Crasta also writes Impressing the Whites that white feminists are amongst the worst when it comes to demonizing non-whites. They encourage their brown sisters to become rich and famous by writing atrocity literature attacking non-white men as depraved misogynists. There is much truth in this given the role of the famous works of American writer Katharine Mayo, sponsored by British Intelligence to write Mother India (1927), claiming that the treatment of women in India negated India’s claims for independence! She did the same with a book on the Philippines. No mention was made by Mayo of the genocidal parasitisation of India by the British which killed tens of millions by starvation and kept 90% of the population on the edge of starvation. Crasta adds that these White-endorsed Indian celebrities are ‘coconuts’, white on the inside, brown outside. These people become honorary ‘whites’ and look down on the darkies. Any Indian writer who deviates from bashing Hindu (and Muslim) society and dares to criticize the white masters will never make it into the literary circles of London and New York.

N3 The Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta had my 1999 book O/OM reviewed by an Indian physicist. Although sympathetic, this reviewer ended his review with the absurd comment that he did not think that Einstein would have agreed with the author. The absurdity of this statement was that I had shown that Einstein was wrong in regard to Physicalism and Determinism etc. Einstein claimed that his God was the God of Spinoza but, in his debates with Tagore, it was clear that Einstein did not stick with Spinoza’s (non-Transcendental) Panpsychism. It is all the more ironic in that my book was confirming the validity of the Brahmanic-Tantric metaphysics espoused by Ramakrishna himself but their reviewer chose to give the final word to a deceased White man whose has been granted a false ‘godlike’ authority in popular Western culture even though he was actually quite immature in regard to metaphysics as demonstrated by his criticism of the transcendental implications of Quantum Theory. Journalists and TV presenters in the Western media who deify Einstein have next to no knowledge or understanding of the metaphysical thought of Mach, Schrödinger, Eddington, Pauli, and Heisenberg which is far more profound than that of Einstein as I stress in BBAB. As Eddington stressed Einstein’s Space-Time Continuum is only a fictional geometrical construct that humans project onto Nature but many physicists and laymen (continuing the Western tradition of reifying abstractions – Whitehead’s Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness) imagine it to be real. As I stress in Ch.10 of BBAB, Geometries are idealized human constructs, not ontological Reality, and thus Quantum Theory, dealing with actual phenomenal manifestations, is of far greater ontological significance than the highly abstract and geometrical GTR of Einstein.

N4 The common association of Voodoo dolls with the African-slave descendants of Haiti itself reflects European demonization of Non-Europeans. Although West Africans may have had similar practises such dolls were in fact used in medieval European folk magic.

N5 In fact, as discussed below, the White Supremacist Aryan racial-superiority myths had nothing to do with true Hinduism but were fantasies concocted by European Indologists including German-born Max Muller. Hitler himself wrote in Mein Kampf of his admiration for the British Empire and Nazi plans for the conquest and re-organization of Slavic lands was modelled on the British de-industrialization and plantationization-enslavement of the Indian economy as a source of raw materials for Britain. The Nazis even prepared for mass famines killing millions of Slavs paralleling British Rule in India [MM]. Pollock’s attempt to blame Hinduism for Nazism also suppresses the fact that Zionists (anti-assimilation Nationalistic Ashkenazi Jews – these Yiddish-speaking Jews were actually of non-Semitic, Central Asian Hunnic origins [SS]) were supportive of Nazi Jew-hatred as it furthered their Separatist, Zionist colonization of Palestine aspirations. The Zionists were the only party allowed to co-exist with the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany. Zionists even acted to prevent Jewish children being rescued to the UK and USA as this meant that such Jews were not settling in Palestine [LB]. Pollock also suppresses the racist, anti-Humanist, tribal hate ideology presented by the Jewish Talmud and prevalent in Orthodox Hassidic Judaism [IS]. In fact, scholars have pointed out that Fascism (including Nazism) was closely linked to the Catholic Church as was clearly seen in Catholic Spain, Italy and Croatia. Hitler was born in Catholic Australia and the early Nazis were prominent in Catholic Bavaria.

N6 In contrast to elitist mystical philosophers, Rorty glorified novelist Charles Dickens as a great Liberal and Social Reformer. Here again Rorty misled the reader. Like many Western ‘Liberals’, Dickens was only a Liberal at home with his own people. After the 1857 revolt in India, Dickens wrote that he wished that he were commander-in-chief in India so that he would be able to do “my utmost to exterminate the [Indian] race...” (See N. Robins’ The Corporation that Changed the World, Pluto Press, 2006). Dickens also applauded the barbaric execution of Hindu (meaning Indian) prisoners-of-war by so-called cannonading (placing them directly in front of the cannon muzzle before firing). Dickens own writings reveal him to be a racist who denigrated various races and who opposed the Abolition of Slavery campaign of Wilberforce and criticized Harriet Beecher Stowe for her stirring up conflict aimed at overthrowing the White Race (See Esther M. Zimmer Lederberg’s web article “Dickens and Racism” on

N7 In Calcutta, where many of my relatives live, Biharis were looked down upon as they were predominantly poor refugees from poverty-stricken rural Bihar who pulled human-rickshaws. Most Indians who ended up in Trinidad were indentured-labourers (‘coolies’) – subjected to a form of semi-slavery by the British after the supposed British Abolition of Slavery (the British still kidnapped Pacific Islanders to work as slaves in Australia long after the supposed ‘Abolition’). The British today boast of being the country that abolished the Atlantic Slave Trade. Critics point out that other European countries abolished slavery before Britain and, given the fact that the British dominated the Atlantic Slave Trade (and possessed the most powerful navy), it would not have made sense for any other country to have done so!

N8 Schopenhauer described his rival at Berlin University G.W.F. Hegel correctly as a ‘scribbler of rubbish’ and ‘corrupter of minds’ [WH]. The Marxian Atheist Materialists who are so enthralled by the pseudo-profound claptrap concocted by Hegel with his absurd Apotheosis of History etc. remain either ignorant of or suppress the fact that Hegel’s though was steeped in occultist Mysticism, especially Christian Kabbalism with its End-of the-World apocalyptic fantasies (SeeMagee’s Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition). Hegel was also involved in the White Supremacist Aryanism fabrications of Ancient History with his historical fantasies that the founders of all the great all the great Ancient Civilizations (India, Egypt, Greece, Rome) were Northern European Germanic ‘Aryans’[RS].

N9 The 20th Century shift in Physics from supposedly indestructible atoms to Matter and Forces as localized phenomenal manifestations of underlying nonlocal energy fields has resulted in (insentient) energy being assumed as the Primary Substance hence the subtle shift from Materialism to Physicalism. Physicalism still precludes Consciousness as in the old Galilean Ontology but with the Space-Time-transcending Nonlocal aspects of Quantum Theory, makes more amenable the Transcendental phenomena experienced in mystical states of consciousness.

N10 The British boast repeatedly that they (the British) defeated the Germans in the 1939-45 war (I do not accept the Eurocentric designations of the 1914-18 war fought primarily in Europe as a ‘World War’). But 80% of German divisions were actually destroyed by the USSR and the USA did by far the most of the fighting against the Japanese as well as on the Western European front. Many US leaders, military and civilian viewed the British (the ‘Red Empire’ against whom the USA had planned for war in the 1920s), especially the reactionary Churchill, as only seeking to defend their own Empire and keeping non-Europeans in Britain’s Empire enslaved. Contrary to self-promoting myths in his autobiography peddled by his hagiographers, that Churchill campaigned against Nazism in the 1930s, White Supremacist Churchill actually spent the 1930s campaigning against granting independence to India (fearing that Britons would starve if India could no longer be exploited to serve Britain’s needs). He only came to oppose the Nazis when he feared that they threatened the British Empire. The right-wing British tabloid Daily Mailnewspaper continues to peddle such myths about Churchill’s supposed greatness whilst failing to mention that throughout the 1930s the Daily Mail was an ardent supporter of Hitler, Mussolini and Oswald Moseley! The Brits also boast that the Empire, whom the Brits dragged into the war without consultation, covered 1/5 of the earth’s land surface. But when talking of the 1939-45 war the talk suddenly shifts to ‘tiny little Britain’ standing alone!

N11 Amusingly in November 2008, the BBC presented Fry as the quintessential Englishman in his series Stephen Fry in America. Fry is openly homosexual, spouting double entendres about sodomy on episodes of QI in late 2008. This resembles the James Bond films with Scottish and Irish actors playing the supposedly upper class English spy bedding all the women when in fact the most famous English Cold War spies were posh private school and Cambridge-educated homosexuals like Fry. Also unlike fictional Bond, these actual upper class Brit spooks served Communist Russia. On his TV tour of all 50 states of the USA, the sceptical Fry visited the TM headquarters in Fairfield, Iowa and listened to Fred Travis (whose EEG study-based Junction Point model of the Pure Consciousness as the background state of the cortex supports my brainstem brainwave correlation) talk about EEG slow wave coherence etc . Fry focused on the silly ‘yogic flying’ mattress hopping ‘levitation’ of the TM people which of course is ludicrous (the ‘bathwater’). Soon afterwards at the Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico, Fry drooled with delight as the Director spoke ludicrous ‘Physics-babble” about creating ‘self-aware materials’. Ironically the ‘smart arse’ and ‘clever dick’ Fry was condescending toward some Western desert state cowboy types for never having heard of Phenomenology. Fry remained oblivious of the irony in that, if one had real understanding of Husserlian Phenomenology’s central notion of Intentionality – with its unities of noesis and noema (related to Subject/Object duality), one would laugh at preposterous claims of creating ‘self-aware materials’. Solid materials cannot mutually superimpose in the manner of the brainwaves constituting Pure Consciousness (as subjective moments) with brainwaves incorporating objective content or self-representational information allowing for reflective, self-awareness.

              In 2011 I watched a repeat episode of the BBC ‘highbrow’ quiz-show QI (Quite Interesting) Fry. Fry asked a question about which man (singular) had prevented the death of about 1 billion people. The ‘correct answer’ was the astonishingly naive and tacitly racist assertion that American Norman Borlaug’s introduction of ‘Green Revolution’ agricultural techniques into India in the 1960s had prevented the death of about one billion people. Fry was presumably reading an autocue based on behind-the-scenes research. But this demonstrates that, still today, the British are peddling the myth of ‘Timeless Hunger’ from which the British claimed cynically that they had rescued India. We have seen above that famine and starvation in India was largely the consequence of British bloodsucking colonialism not due to shortage of food. Native Indian rulers, both Hindu and Muslim, acted to prevent famines from developing. Rather the British stole the food right out of the mouths of the poorest Indians. Thus there were over 30 famines in British-occupied India in the first 120 years of British Rule up to 1877 compared to just 17 in the whole of India in the previous 2,000 years. Even without the Green Revolution, independent India would have imported food if there were serious shortages rather than follow the racist and genocidal ‘Let them Starve’ and Buchenwald-like Death Camp policies of the British Raj and the denial of food aid policies of Churchill. The QI thesis that a billion Indians would have died without Borlaug shows the tacit racism of assuming that hundreds of millions of Indians were merely passive and helpless spectators totally dependent upon the White hero figure coming to save them. In fact, it was Food and Agriculture Minister C. Subramanian, appointed by PM Lal Bahadur Shastri, who sought ought Borlaug and his high-yield Mexican dwarf wheat varieties (See Gurcharan Das, India Unbound, Anchor Books, 2000). This follows the archetypal pattern of British historiography! The BBC did not respond to my complaint about this racist nonsense even though I quoted well-sourced facts.

N12 Interestingly Finkelstein lists Stephen Katz, the leading anti-Perennialist scholar of Mysticism/Comparative Religion (Head of Jewish Studies at Harvard), as a prominent member of the Holocaust Industry. Finkelstein notes that in presenting the Nazi genocide of Jews as unprecedented and unique, simultaneously downplaying the genocide of other peoples throughout history, the Holocaust Industry perpetuates the myth of the Jews as God’s Chosen People [this is of course a common belief of all primitive tribes]. Finkelstein also showed that, whereas Swiss banks were demonized by Zionists in regard to treatment of survivors of the Nazi Holocaust [leading to a $1 billion 'shakedown' - more than was actually owed], in reality American banks and Jewish-owned banks in British-mandate Palestine had actually behaved in a worse manner to dispossessed Jewish families than Swiss Banks but, of course, Zionists will not expose such truths about the misbehaviour of fellow Zionists or banks in the USA [whose imperial power has been exploited by the 'Israel Lobby' to serve the Zionist cause]!

N13 The Western support for Zionism is itself a product of the White Supremacism that permeates Western thought. Mahatma Gandhi denounced Zionism as a Crime Against Humanity. In essence, the White Europeans forced the natives of Palestine (the Palestinians unlike the Hunnic Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe were the true descendants of the Biblical Judaeans as Ben Gurion knew [SS]) to pay the price for historical European persecution of the Jews including the crimes of the Nazi Europeans. Of the 33 countries that voted in favour of the Partition of Palestine, nearly all were White European states including Stalin’s USSR (many Zionists were pro-Stalin although the Likud Party of Shamir and Netanyahu was modelled on Mussolini’s Fascists). Most Non-European states did not have the vote as they were still colonized. There were also tiny US client states such as the Solomon Islands and US client states like Cuba which the US armtwisted to fix the UN vote as usual. Britain abstained (recognizing its own historical guilt in the regard to the Balfour Declaration and its brutal suppression of the 1936 Palestinian Uprising) although in winter 1947 US President Truman blackmailed Britain with the threat of withholding Marshall Aid. This was a winter when seas froze and Britons would have starved had the US stopped sending aid [note the British allowed tens of millions of non-White Indian subjects to starve to death but not White Britons]. Truman forced the British occupiers of Palestine to allow more Zionists from Europe to enter Palestine in order to woo the Jewish vote in the 1948 US Election. Why were these Hunnic Eastern Europeans (who converted to Judaism) not given European territory as a supposed ‘Jewish Homeland’?


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